Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Random Thoughts...

We are now approaching the last week of November and before we knew it, it's going to be December.  Sometimes, I hardly notice the passing of each day.  This has been my life here in Cambodia.  As what I have said before, I only keep track of the date not the days.  In life, there's so many choices that we have to make and in every decision we make, we have to give ample time and planning in order to succeed.  To be honest, sometimes I do feel that I might not have enough time to do all the things that I want and to fulfill all the things that I plan. Sometimes, I'm thinking if I'm kind of late in achieving all my goals or if I'm just on the right track.  

Just like today, I'm in the midst of my deep thoughts,  I suddenly miss my life in the Philippines wherein I am surrounded with lots of friends and my family of course.  At least, I have some people to share my thoughts with and discuss my plans, and on the process, I could get some insights and advices from them. I think I'm missing my old friends.  I hardly had contact with them for he last five years and I'm missing their company.

Things had totally changed now and whether it's for the better or for worse,  I am not yet in the position to conclude.  I know that everything happens for a reason.

Let me just share with you this message that I've got :

"When we pray, God hears more than we say.  He answers more than we ask.  He gives more than we imagine, but in HIS own TIME and HIS own WAY."

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!

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