Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Of Good Health

Few more weeks and it's going to be Christmas! As early as September, most of us have probably gone through a lot of shopping and gift buying.  Well, Christmas is about giving and this has been the tradition for many years.  Since, I wouldn't be home for Christmas, I wouldn't be having any special celebration.  Things only get special when I spent it with the family, especially with my kids.  In fact, I would be working both on Christmas eve and Christmas Day!  I have checked on my work schedule and I would be on afternoon shift on both days.  I do not plan for anything except that I would probably be calling them on that day or perhaps, if we could see each other through webcam via skype, that would be a lot better.  Anyway, I promised them that I will surely be home next Christmas.

This year, apart from having my family intact, leading a happy and comfortable life, one best wish that I have for myself and my family is a gift of good health!  As they say, "Health is wealth".  You are truly rich if you are healthy!  This is indeed very true.  To be able to attend to your work everyday and not getting sick is truly a blessing!  I'm happy to say that I never get seriously sick during my 5 years of working abroad.  Except from minor head aches and slight fevers, I'm perfectly okay.  This indeed makes me very happy and thankful.  Imagine having a normal physique without having to walk around with the aid of knee scooters at  This is really something to be happy about.

I'm very grateful for the gift of good health.  Because of having a good health, I'm able to deliver the needs of my family.  I'm able to attend to my responsibilities both at home and at work.  More importantly, I feel comfortable about myself and this could lead to a happy disposition in life. 

God is good! He really is!  I can't be thankful enough.

How about you? What would you consider your best gift?

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