Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Foods And Fun!

We happened to eat at one restaurant opposite MBK mall in Bangkok and I'm a bit pleased that I was able to find a restaurant that could cater to the food preference of my two kids.  My daughter is very choosy with foods and even before we went for our Bangkok tour, I'm a bit worried that Thai foods will not be much to her liking.  For one, she doesn't like spicy foods and most of the Thai dishes are spicy.  Second, she is much into meats especially beef and she doesn't welcome the idea of trying new Asian dishes unlike her brother who is willing to try everything.

We got into this restaurant (sorry, I forgot the name) on our first day and because we liked the place and the food they served, we went back there to dine on our second day, as well.  We were attracted by the colorful interiors of the restaurant.  It's simple but clean and accessible as it is located just opposite the mall.

After trying their stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and dried chili on our first day which we liked very much, this time we decided to try their version of sweet and sour pork as it really looks appealing from the photo presented to us in the menu.

We are not sure of the size of the serving so to be safe, we just order an extra plate of rice with a side dish which to our surprised is very small and may not even satisfy one hungry tummy. (lol) 

But our disappointment immediately vanished as we got our order of roasted chicken.  Oh my! The medium sized plate appeared to be a large size order.  It cannot be seen well on the photo but it's really a huge order.

The foods were really nice though, and we were able to satisfy ourselves with the scrumptious dinner.  After that, we've decided to go back to the hotel and have a dip on the hotel's swimming pool.

Really a nice day!

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