Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel Photo Checklist

I downloaded this pretty travel photo checklist from my pinterest. It's a free printable photo checklist from Rebecca Cooper at "Simple As That". Since we will be having our holiday vacation in Bangkok end of this month, I just thought that this will be of great use to us.

I am going to print it as soon as I got back home for my vacation in the Philippines. I am actually looking into the possibility of creating a travel journal as well, but we'll see.  I don't have any idea how busy I am in the next few days so, I would see first if I could squeeze this in into my busy schedule.  I would definitely try my best to make one, though.  I failed to do this during our last vacation in Vietnam and I would certainly love to have this Bangkok vacation a little bit more exciting and fun.

I'll be posting here my crafts, if ever. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week!  


  1. Good post. I will have one checklist made for my travel with the family as well, in the winter vacation :)

    Thanks for sharing



  2. Nice photo list! I must have that hidden when I travel because I ticked most of it too! :)

  3. nice checklist...
    copied, i might use it one day

  4. nice... but i think i will just stress myself out if il try to stick with lists during travels... hehehe i find spontaneity more fun! :-)


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