Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Souvenir Gift For An Old Time Friend

Since I just arrived home for my vacation, I was thinking of visiting an old time friend and a former colleague.  I heard that she's doing fine now with her new found profession.  We both resigned from our previous company 5 years ago as soon as it closed down it's operations due to some unforeseen problems.  I was able to find my way to a new company in Cambodia and my friend has moved on to a new accounting job and since then, became a part time college instructor.  I was happy for her as she was able to find a job that she truly enjoys.  We used to be together giving seminars to all employees before as we are both members of the company's trainer's guild.  I remembered how happy we are every time we are scheduled to give seminar as it's really fun to meet different people within the company and engaged in a fruitful discussion during our seminar work shop.  As I wasn't able to bring something for her from my place of work abroad, I am just thinking of ordering name plaques at QuickNameTags.com. I've found some great personalized designs that I'm sure she would truly love.

I know that visiting her at home or perhaps organizing a small dinner at a simple restaurant would suffice but somehow, I also knew that a personalized gift will truly warms her heart.  After all, we haven't seen each other quite long and I just wanted to make this meet up a truly memorable one.  Rekindling an old time friendship is always nice as old friends will always be a part of our life and memories.  

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  1. gifts with personalized touch are more special :) personally, i give gifts too unexpectedly with a heartfelt note :)


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