Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School Retreat

My daughter Mikz will be coming back home today from her school retreat held at Tagaytay.  This was a 3 days  2 nights retreat that's why I felt very sad that it coincides with my home leave.  You see, for an OFW parent like me, every minute counts.  I was feeling upset that I really don't want her to attend that retreat but both of my kids told me that it is an important school activity that shouldn't be missed.  Of course, I have to understand right?  Anyway, she'll be back home this afternoon and I just wish her a safe trip. Her pet Lucio is missing her much, too.

Now that their school exams and activities were over, few days more and they will be having their school break.  At last, we could be together in the house all day long.  Lots of things to do and catch up with.

Will keep you posted. :)


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