Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reviving Old Furniture

Maintaining a home is not easy.  You have to check on every piece of furniture in the house and make sure that everything is in good shape.  That is if you want to keep your home always looking neat and tidy.  Sometimes, we tend to neglect on small defects of our furniture because of our busy schedule which happened to me many times in the past, but if you really care about your budget, it is still more practical to refurbish those old furniture rather than buying a new one.  But to do this, we should have a permanent repair man in our contact list who would always be willing to do those "little jobs in the house.  In addition to this, we should have several options to shop for the replacement parts needed to repair those small pieces of furniture.  The most common thing that we used to buy are the stem casters.  But based from experience, we always buy the wrong size and this had caused a great inconvenience to us.  So when buying stem casters, we have to make sure that the ones we buy are really the right size and the right type.  This way we could save on time and money and we can be assured that we'll get those furniture pieces back to life in no time.     


  1. Maintaining a home with two preschoolers, an OC husband, and no househelp is impossible! LOL! Somehow there's always something- or someone - that needs attention and things never get done. And you're right, we often neglect our furniture until they get broken beyond repair. Now if I can only find a trusty handyman to do repairs for me.

  2. We have so many old things and furniture at home. I will try to revive them soon using new colors.

  3. My mom's house, where we live right now, is full of old and neglected furniture...sayang nga eh, but I know someday, they will be revived.

  4. it is always good to revive old furniture! it adds new life to the home!


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