Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lucio After 7 Months

It's almost 7 months since the last time I saw Lucio.  Lucio is the shih-tzu pup that I bought for my daughter as a birthday gift last February.  He was just a month old when we bought him from the pet shop.  I was surprised when I saw him again! He's now a full grown shi-tzu.  According to my daughter, they brought him to the pet clinic around 2 weeks before I arrived for grooming since his very thick hair badly needed some trimming.  That's why I was a bit surprised that Lucio looks quite differently as compared to how I saw him from webcam.  But it's okay, now I know that his hair will grow better after being trimmed.

Here he is now wearing my "pasalubong", his Superman t-shirt  (lol).

Lucio did not want to go near me during my first day in the house.  He was trying to recognize me.  But that only lasted for a day.  The following day, he was back to normal.  He was already playing with me and even welcome me at the door steps every time I arrived home after attending to some errands outside the house.

Lucio was such a darling! :)


  1. Aba! Ang laki na ni Lucio ah :) Bagay na bagay ang superman outfit nya. Musta ang bakasyon, Kriz? Hope you're having a blast and enjoying every second of it. Ingat and God bless!

  2. Parang gumuwapo nga si Lucio. It's good that you have him in the house may kasama at kalaro ka sis pag wala mga kids :)

  3. WOW! Ang laki na at ang pogi pa ni Lucio, Krizz. Alagang- alaga! Madalas kong nakikita ang pics nya sa IG kaya medyo updated ako, hehehe!

  4. I think now you both can play well and he’s also looking very playful. He’s like a real superman in this t-shirt.


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