Friday, October 26, 2012

A Good Investment?

Working long years in the corporate world had brought me so many growth rewarding experiences.  It's fun! You got to learn so many new things, meet a lot of people of different backgrounds and nationalities and more importantly, discover many hidden talents within you.  I would admit, sometimes, I feel tired of working away from home but my consolation comes every time I got to check my bank account every end of the month.  But of course, I wouldn't stop from there.  I have to look for suitable investments. Well, I had few.  I'm investing on real estate but I also would like to explore on other things and one idea that's probably worth considering is to look for some gold bars for sale.  To be honest, since I am working near Thailand, I was thinking of investing on gold jewelries but I am still looking into it's possibility and of course, have to figure out if it's a profitable investment.  I also wish to put up my own business soon.

Come to think of it.  We have to protect our hard earned money.  Being in a rat race is not that easy and we have to be smart if we wanted to succeed.  Hope that I maybe be able to fulfill all my plans, soon.

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