Friday, October 26, 2012

A Good Investment?

Working long years in the corporate world had brought me so many growth rewarding experiences.  It's fun! You got to learn so many new things, meet a lot of people of different backgrounds and nationalities and more importantly, discover many hidden talents within you.  I would admit, sometimes, I feel tired of working away from home but my consolation comes every time I got to check my bank account every end of the month.  But of course, I wouldn't stop from there.  I have to look for suitable investments. Well, I had few.  I'm investing on real estate but I also would like to explore on other things and one idea that's probably worth considering is to look for some gold bars for sale.  To be honest, since I am working near Thailand, I was thinking of investing on gold jewelries but I am still looking into it's possibility and of course, have to figure out if it's a profitable investment.  I also wish to put up my own business soon.

Come to think of it.  We have to protect our hard earned money.  Being in a rat race is not that easy and we have to be smart if we wanted to succeed.  Hope that I maybe be able to fulfill all my plans, soon.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lucio After 7 Months

It's almost 7 months since the last time I saw Lucio.  Lucio is the shih-tzu pup that I bought for my daughter as a birthday gift last February.  He was just a month old when we bought him from the pet shop.  I was surprised when I saw him again! He's now a full grown shi-tzu.  According to my daughter, they brought him to the pet clinic around 2 weeks before I arrived for grooming since his very thick hair badly needed some trimming.  That's why I was a bit surprised that Lucio looks quite differently as compared to how I saw him from webcam.  But it's okay, now I know that his hair will grow better after being trimmed.

Here he is now wearing my "pasalubong", his Superman t-shirt  (lol).

Lucio did not want to go near me during my first day in the house.  He was trying to recognize me.  But that only lasted for a day.  The following day, he was back to normal.  He was already playing with me and even welcome me at the door steps every time I arrived home after attending to some errands outside the house.

Lucio was such a darling! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

School Retreat

My daughter Mikz will be coming back home today from her school retreat held at Tagaytay.  This was a 3 days  2 nights retreat that's why I felt very sad that it coincides with my home leave.  You see, for an OFW parent like me, every minute counts.  I was feeling upset that I really don't want her to attend that retreat but both of my kids told me that it is an important school activity that shouldn't be missed.  Of course, I have to understand right?  Anyway, she'll be back home this afternoon and I just wish her a safe trip. Her pet Lucio is missing her much, too.

Now that their school exams and activities were over, few days more and they will be having their school break.  At last, we could be together in the house all day long.  Lots of things to do and catch up with.

Will keep you posted. :)


What's Keeping Me Busy?

I am now into the second week of my vacation here in the Philippines.  So far, so good.  I just felt that I was very busy with so many things that sometimes, I can't even afford to go online.  I just managed to update my posts on all my blogs though.  The reason for all these is pretty obvious, the domesticated part of me had pulled me to check on every little details in the house.  I am fixing all those things that's often overlooked by the kids and even our house helper.  I am cleaning each and every corner of the house.  It's not that I don't trust our house helper but I knew for a fact that hidden places in the house like underneath the beds and living room sofa , kitchen cup boards, wall frames, etc are not really being noticed most of the time, so I am taking the opportunity to have these areas cleaned while I am here.  I spent a lot to keep and maintain the house and it's just proper that I have to take care of my investment from my hard earned money.  At any rate, I am moving forward and is near to completion.  I have also taken the opportunity to meet my tenant which is also a good thing.  Now, I'm almost done with my cleaning and fixing except for the closets of my dear daughter. One day more and I am totally free!

But don't get me wrong, I also took time time out for myself like shopping, dining out, and visiting the spa.  I'm having a colorful vacation, isn't it? :)

Last night, I have discussed with my son about our planned activities for the next few days and if everything turns out right, we'll finished everything just in time.  So, I'm crossing my fingers.

That's it for now, would do a separate post for each of the activities that we had soon.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reviving Old Furniture

Maintaining a home is not easy.  You have to check on every piece of furniture in the house and make sure that everything is in good shape.  That is if you want to keep your home always looking neat and tidy.  Sometimes, we tend to neglect on small defects of our furniture because of our busy schedule which happened to me many times in the past, but if you really care about your budget, it is still more practical to refurbish those old furniture rather than buying a new one.  But to do this, we should have a permanent repair man in our contact list who would always be willing to do those "little jobs in the house.  In addition to this, we should have several options to shop for the replacement parts needed to repair those small pieces of furniture.  The most common thing that we used to buy are the stem casters.  But based from experience, we always buy the wrong size and this had caused a great inconvenience to us.  So when buying stem casters, we have to make sure that the ones we buy are really the right size and the right type.  This way we could save on time and money and we can be assured that we'll get those furniture pieces back to life in no time.     

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I missed About Home?

It's already my fourth day of vacation in the Philippines and so far, I'm having a good rest.  I was able to get a real good sleep for few days and I really feel refreshed.  Now, I could say, it's really nice to be back home!

What I really missed about home?

Of course my home itself with all it's vibrant colors. :)

I'm missing the lovely sight of my home garden, too.

And of course.....the foods! All my favorite foods like cakes and spaghetti.  Working in a province of Cambodia had deprived me with all these foods that I really heart! :(

But more importantly, I missed my family! It's so nice to see them once again and have meals at home with them.  On my second night at home, I stayed until almost 2 AM talking with my son about anything and everything.  I really have to do a lot of catching up with them.  Six months of being away from home might not really be too long for other OFW's, as some of my OFW relatives visit home only once every year or two years.  But for me, I can't just have enough bonding time with them.

Anyway, I'm home now and I all I wanted is to make the most of my vacation. 

Music Is Her Passion

We are not really a family who is into music.  In fact, none of us really sings so well.  Well, we can sing but not really that outstanding. :)  That's why I'm glad when my daughter had shown some interests in playing musical instruments like organ and guitar.  She didn't really master the art of playing it but at least she's trying and I feel very pleased with it.  She is not taking any music lessons now and all what she's doing is just self study.  I encouraged her to take guitar lessons before but she can't find the time yet so she just delayed the idea.  She is just having an ordinary guitar now.  It would be nice if she could really have a nice one complete with Fender Amps, but I guess, it's still a long way to go.  

At any rate, I wanted to encourage her more to pursue her passion for music.  I'm equally happy to discover that she has some talents in music and arts as this does not really runs into our blood (lol).  I myself was never good in drawing nor playing any kind of musical instrument, so my daughter's great appreciation for arts and music really surprised me.  Anyway, we are all willing to support her and wishing her all the best in her hobbies and passion.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Siem Riep Airport Review

It was my first time to travel to Manila via Siem Riep Airport in Cambodia.  I used to go back to the Philippines from Cambodia through Tan So Nhat Airport at Hoh Chi Min City, Vietnam.  This is because before, there was no direct flight to Manila from Cambodia.  If you opt to take your flight from the capital city, Phnom Penh, then you have to take two legs of flight as you have to get connecting flights from either Malaysia or Singapore.  It's not convenient and is also costly, so I used to take my flight from Hoh Chi Min City, as it is nearer to my work place before from my previous company.  Now that I moved on to another company in another border of Cambodia, I could either take my flight to Manila from Bangkok or Siem Riep as Cebu Pacific had started to open direct flights to Manila via Siem Riep Airport.  For this trip, I had chosen to fly from Siem Riep as it proves to be more convenient for me as I don't need to stamp my passport at Thailand border, so it saved from a great deal of trouble. Well not really trouble but it means that I don't need to carry my luggage while having my passport stamped at both Cambodia and Thailand immigration and I could rent a private taxi to pick me up from my apartment and bring me straight to the airport.  No hassle... :)

Actually, I was not expecting much from Siem Riep Airport.  I know that it couldn't be compared to Tan So Nhat in Ho Chi Min City as well as the airport in Bangkok, but I was a bit surprised seeing that Siem Riep Airport is small yet very organized.  The fact that it's small made it easy to find everything.  The airport itself is clean and tidy and made up of a typical Cambodian architecture.  The interior is nice and modern.  It's not so crowded and the check in process is quite fast and efficient.  I was actually expecting to be charged $25 for the airport tax as this is what I've heard from other travelers but I was not.  Maybe, Cebu Pacific had already included it in their ticket price which is also a plus factor.

Inside the airport, you can find a coffee shop and a number of food stalls and a decent restaurant with nice interior.  There are variety of  foods to choose from but the serving is quite small and maybe would not be enough to satisfy a man's appetite.  Nevertheless, the taste is good and a lot of varieties to choose from.

I was also quite pleased to know that inside the airport after passing through the immigration, you can find some decent souvenir shops, a couple of Duty Free shops and a book store.  For those who do not bring their personal laptops, there are 3 units of PC provided with internet connection should you wish to have a quick check of your personal emails and face book.  Checking around the souvenir shops and book store and having a quick check on my email is enough to keep me occupied while waiting for the boarding gate to open.   

Needless to say, I was very pleased with my first experience using this airport for my flight to Manila.  Everything was smooth and fast and the service is good.

I wouldn't mind using this airport again in my future flights. :)   


Souvenir Gift For An Old Time Friend

Since I just arrived home for my vacation, I was thinking of visiting an old time friend and a former colleague.  I heard that she's doing fine now with her new found profession.  We both resigned from our previous company 5 years ago as soon as it closed down it's operations due to some unforeseen problems.  I was able to find my way to a new company in Cambodia and my friend has moved on to a new accounting job and since then, became a part time college instructor.  I was happy for her as she was able to find a job that she truly enjoys.  We used to be together giving seminars to all employees before as we are both members of the company's trainer's guild.  I remembered how happy we are every time we are scheduled to give seminar as it's really fun to meet different people within the company and engaged in a fruitful discussion during our seminar work shop.  As I wasn't able to bring something for her from my place of work abroad, I am just thinking of ordering name plaques at I've found some great personalized designs that I'm sure she would truly love.

I know that visiting her at home or perhaps organizing a small dinner at a simple restaurant would suffice but somehow, I also knew that a personalized gift will truly warms her heart.  After all, we haven't seen each other quite long and I just wanted to make this meet up a truly memorable one.  Rekindling an old time friendship is always nice as old friends will always be a part of our life and memories.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Travel Photo Checklist

I downloaded this pretty travel photo checklist from my pinterest. It's a free printable photo checklist from Rebecca Cooper at "Simple As That". Since we will be having our holiday vacation in Bangkok end of this month, I just thought that this will be of great use to us.

I am going to print it as soon as I got back home for my vacation in the Philippines. I am actually looking into the possibility of creating a travel journal as well, but we'll see.  I don't have any idea how busy I am in the next few days so, I would see first if I could squeeze this in into my busy schedule.  I would definitely try my best to make one, though.  I failed to do this during our last vacation in Vietnam and I would certainly love to have this Bangkok vacation a little bit more exciting and fun.

I'll be posting here my crafts, if ever. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week!  

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