Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Would I Want To See My Daughter Back Home?

As early as now, I am thinking of how  would I want to see my daughter back home?  In her best shape perhaps?  I will surely love to see her in her best form... happy, in good shape and in the best of health.  My daughter used to be very sickly way back then.  This is the reason why I love to see her gain weight and I always treated her like a baby even until her tween years.  Her brother used to tell me then that if I would continue to treat her like that, she might turned  out to be a spoiled brat and doesn’t do anything for herself without my guidance.   Well, he might be right, but sometimes, I couldn’t help doing it for my helpless girl. Now that I will get to see her again, I think I would be pleased to see her doing her old antics.  More so,  to see her play her guitar again.  I would certainly love to see her improving in the field of arts and music.

Oh well, time flies so fast, it’s about six months since I left home and now that I’ll be back home again, I would certainly love to spend some quality time with my children. I hope I could make the most of every hour spent with them.

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