Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Visit To Chantaburi Thailand

I just came back from a 3 days visit to Chantaburi Thailand.  Not known to many, Chantaburi is one of the major provinces in Thailand.  Although not as popular as Bangkok, this town has always been a favorite get away of many tourists after they felt exhausted on the busy streets of Bangkok.
Located on the eastern part of Thailand, Chantaburi is closest to the Cambodia boarder, Pailin.  This province is well known for it's famous stones and gems particularly sapphires and rubies.  No wonder I could see a lot of gems shops all over the downtown area. The province is also famous for it's tropical fruits like mangosteen, durian and rambutan.  There is no doubt that this province has a lot to offer in terms of it's natural beauty and needless to say, 3 days is not enough to explore all the interesting places in the province.  For a start, I would just highlight the hotel where I stayed in Chantaburi so I could give some recommendations to those who would be interested to visit this place in the future.

After searching for few days in Agoda, I finally decided to book at KP Hotel.  I have chosen this hotel primarily because of it's location.  It's in the heart of the downtown area and in very close proximity to the Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion, the largest catholic church in Thailand.  Actually, this is my number one reason of going to Chantaburi.  I want to visit the church.  I prayed a lot even in my own room but I suddenly felt the urge to have a proper visit to church and thank God for all the blessings that He has given me and my family.  Aside from the fact that this hotel is just a walking distance to the church, it is also very close to Robinson's mall and that's actually my second reason of going there.  To do a "little shopping" as I'm nearly to go back home less than 2 weeks from now. I think I have made the right choice.  KP hotel is one of the best hotels in Chantaburi.

Upon entering the hotel, I was a bit surprised as I did not expect that this hotel is huge and well maintained.  The lobby is quite big and there are lots of souvenir and jewelry shops around the area.

The hotel reception service was also fast and efficient.  In fact, after I have mentioned my name, they immediately asked me to sign the hotel arrival card, issued me my room key and my breakfast buffet vouchers.  They knew me by memory and did not even asked for a copy of my hotel voucher from Agoda.  All that I did was to present to them my passport and before I knew it, I was already walking towards the elevator going to my assigned room.  I was given a room on the 17th floor.  I never expect that this hotel is really that big.  From outside, it looked like a normal size hotel.

On the way going to elevator, I saw the hotel's coffee shop where hotel guests are served the daily buffet breakfast.  The coffee shop itself is also big.  It's clean and well maintained.  I also used the Ladies Room located in the lobby near to the coffee shop and I couldn't complain for it's neatness.

As I reached the 17th floor, I easily found my room.  It's room number 1706.  The room is quite large and very tidy.  The bed sheets and towels were really clean and spotless.

Here are the photos of the hotel room:

I actually booked for a single room as  I would be staying alone but the twin room is the one on sale at Agoda (lol) and it's price is even cheaper than booking a single room right in the hotel when you walked in.  So I just took this room on sale. :)

Anyway, I feel really comfortable with the big size of the room.  It has a small area where you can take your meal ordered via "room service" or simply have a cup of coffee.

 I only experienced a minor problem with the air conditioning unit in the room, but after I raised it to the front desk personnel, the problem was immediately addressed by moving me into another room of similar type, room 1704. A bell man immediately came to the rescue and had moved all my things to the next room.

Needless to say, I had a comfortable sleep the night that I arrived to the hotel.  I especially like the fact that even though I was staying on the 17th floor.  The water pressure from the shower head is very strong and the water heater is working quite well.  That enabled me to have a relaxing warm bath.  The bathroom is huge and is equipped with a bath tub and some basic amenities.  My only negative comment though is that tooth brush and tooth paste were not provided as well as the slippers. Quite surprising for a big hotel like KP Grand Hotel.  Anyway, this minor thing didn't annoyed me as there is a 7-11 store just opposite the hotel, so everything is relatively easy for me.

I had a good impression of the place on my first day and this made me excited to spend the rest of my days at Chantaburi.

Will post some of my activities in my future posts. Ciao! :)

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  1. Ahhh! :) thanks for the little tour Ate Krizza! :)

    I'm so visiting Thailand in the near future. All though I'm mainly going to Chonburi and Sattahip, I might consider visiting Chantaburi.

    I'm also a "booker" in Agoda... I just love their deals. So affordable plus the free breakfast can save me a lot! :) ♥


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