Friday, September 28, 2012

Chantaburi Trip - Day 1

Good Morning Thailand!  As expected, after having a good sleep the night before, I woke up feeling refreshed and excited to see more of Chantaburi.  As soon as I got up from bed, I tried to see the whole view of the city through my glass window.  My room on the 17th floor was just perfect as it gave me a glimpse of the whole downtown of Chantaburi.

So surprising that for a predominantly Buddhist country like Thailand, I could find a Bible on top of my bed side table and it really warms me. Only then that I know that there are also lots of Christian people in Thailand.

After I took a quick shower, I decided to go down to the hotel's lobby area. What could be e better way to start my day other than trying the breakfast buffet from the hotel's coffee shop.  This was included in my room rate, so why not? (lol)

They have a good selection of foods at the buffet table.  Almost complete, I would say.  There were hams, crispy bacons, sausages, fried noodles, , fried chicken, rice, bread, croissants, cakes, cereals and fresh milk, eggs, porridge and two Thai dishes that I didn't try as it doesn't look appealing to me. :)

There was also a salad bar with both fruits and vegetable salad complete with your choice of dressings.

Fresh fruits in season complete the line up. :)

After that scrumptious breakfast, I tour around the hotel and checked on it's swimming pool located on the third floor.  I told myself that this would also be a great opportunity to take photos.:)

From the hotel's directory, both the swimming pool area and fitness center are located on the third floor so it would be easier to tour around the facilities.

Sad to say, the pool cannot be used at that time.  It's out of order.  Well, I didn't see any defects on the pool but maybe because they haven't changed the water lately.  Perhaps because of the constant rains and maybe because it's not actually a peak season in the hotel.  But the pool area is generally nice and clean.

Unfortunately, the fitness center is till closed when I tried to have a visit there.  According to the housekeeping attendant, it opens from 12 noon to 9 PM daily.  I think there is something wrong with the time as most of the hotel guests would probably like to use the gym early morning.   Anyway, I was still able to see the fitness center when I get back to the hotel after a day of shopping.  It's big, clean and nice and the gym attendant had shown me the sauna which I think is also nice and bigger than those that I've tried before.  But again, because of limited time, I wasn't able to try both gym and sauna.  They closed at 9 PM and when I went there to check, it's already 8 PM.  I wasn't able to take photos also because there were some hotel guests there at that time and I just feel awkward to simply shoot some pictures.  Only a blogger could understand a blogger.  (lol)

Anyway, this completes my description of KP Grand Hotel and though everything was not perfect,  I would still choose this hotel on my future visits to Chantaburi.  Hopefully there will be more next times. :)

The fact that this hotel is clean, well maintained, secured and huge not to mention the fast and efficient service of the friendly hotel staff is enough to convince me that I have made the right choice of the hotel.

The hotel staff, from the housekeeping attendant, waitresses, maintenance, bell man and the front desk personnel  are all commendable.  They had done a great job in making their guests feel comfortable staying in their hotel.  I would personally like to commend all the front desk personnel for their extra mile service in providing information to their guests touring around the area and the ever helpful bell men who are always available to assist you with your things.  

I would definitely come back in this hotel and explore more places in Chantaburi.  I also without any hesitation recommend this hotel to all my friends and colleagues.  

Thank you KP Grand Hotel!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Would I Want To See My Daughter Back Home?

As early as now, I am thinking of how  would I want to see my daughter back home?  In her best shape perhaps?  I will surely love to see her in her best form... happy, in good shape and in the best of health.  My daughter used to be very sickly way back then.  This is the reason why I love to see her gain weight and I always treated her like a baby even until her tween years.  Her brother used to tell me then that if I would continue to treat her like that, she might turned  out to be a spoiled brat and doesn’t do anything for herself without my guidance.   Well, he might be right, but sometimes, I couldn’t help doing it for my helpless girl. Now that I will get to see her again, I think I would be pleased to see her doing her old antics.  More so,  to see her play her guitar again.  I would certainly love to see her improving in the field of arts and music.

Oh well, time flies so fast, it’s about six months since I left home and now that I’ll be back home again, I would certainly love to spend some quality time with my children. I hope I could make the most of every hour spent with them.

A Visit To Chantaburi Thailand

I just came back from a 3 days visit to Chantaburi Thailand.  Not known to many, Chantaburi is one of the major provinces in Thailand.  Although not as popular as Bangkok, this town has always been a favorite get away of many tourists after they felt exhausted on the busy streets of Bangkok.
Located on the eastern part of Thailand, Chantaburi is closest to the Cambodia boarder, Pailin.  This province is well known for it's famous stones and gems particularly sapphires and rubies.  No wonder I could see a lot of gems shops all over the downtown area. The province is also famous for it's tropical fruits like mangosteen, durian and rambutan.  There is no doubt that this province has a lot to offer in terms of it's natural beauty and needless to say, 3 days is not enough to explore all the interesting places in the province.  For a start, I would just highlight the hotel where I stayed in Chantaburi so I could give some recommendations to those who would be interested to visit this place in the future.

After searching for few days in Agoda, I finally decided to book at KP Hotel.  I have chosen this hotel primarily because of it's location.  It's in the heart of the downtown area and in very close proximity to the Cathedral of Immaculate Concepcion, the largest catholic church in Thailand.  Actually, this is my number one reason of going to Chantaburi.  I want to visit the church.  I prayed a lot even in my own room but I suddenly felt the urge to have a proper visit to church and thank God for all the blessings that He has given me and my family.  Aside from the fact that this hotel is just a walking distance to the church, it is also very close to Robinson's mall and that's actually my second reason of going there.  To do a "little shopping" as I'm nearly to go back home less than 2 weeks from now. I think I have made the right choice.  KP hotel is one of the best hotels in Chantaburi.

Upon entering the hotel, I was a bit surprised as I did not expect that this hotel is huge and well maintained.  The lobby is quite big and there are lots of souvenir and jewelry shops around the area.

The hotel reception service was also fast and efficient.  In fact, after I have mentioned my name, they immediately asked me to sign the hotel arrival card, issued me my room key and my breakfast buffet vouchers.  They knew me by memory and did not even asked for a copy of my hotel voucher from Agoda.  All that I did was to present to them my passport and before I knew it, I was already walking towards the elevator going to my assigned room.  I was given a room on the 17th floor.  I never expect that this hotel is really that big.  From outside, it looked like a normal size hotel.

On the way going to elevator, I saw the hotel's coffee shop where hotel guests are served the daily buffet breakfast.  The coffee shop itself is also big.  It's clean and well maintained.  I also used the Ladies Room located in the lobby near to the coffee shop and I couldn't complain for it's neatness.

As I reached the 17th floor, I easily found my room.  It's room number 1706.  The room is quite large and very tidy.  The bed sheets and towels were really clean and spotless.

Here are the photos of the hotel room:

I actually booked for a single room as  I would be staying alone but the twin room is the one on sale at Agoda (lol) and it's price is even cheaper than booking a single room right in the hotel when you walked in.  So I just took this room on sale. :)

Anyway, I feel really comfortable with the big size of the room.  It has a small area where you can take your meal ordered via "room service" or simply have a cup of coffee.

 I only experienced a minor problem with the air conditioning unit in the room, but after I raised it to the front desk personnel, the problem was immediately addressed by moving me into another room of similar type, room 1704. A bell man immediately came to the rescue and had moved all my things to the next room.

Needless to say, I had a comfortable sleep the night that I arrived to the hotel.  I especially like the fact that even though I was staying on the 17th floor.  The water pressure from the shower head is very strong and the water heater is working quite well.  That enabled me to have a relaxing warm bath.  The bathroom is huge and is equipped with a bath tub and some basic amenities.  My only negative comment though is that tooth brush and tooth paste were not provided as well as the slippers. Quite surprising for a big hotel like KP Grand Hotel.  Anyway, this minor thing didn't annoyed me as there is a 7-11 store just opposite the hotel, so everything is relatively easy for me.

I had a good impression of the place on my first day and this made me excited to spend the rest of my days at Chantaburi.

Will post some of my activities in my future posts. Ciao! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Look Who's Here!

Dreams do not only happen when you're asleep. Fairy Hobmother is here to bring a treat!

Well, if I sound like an inspired poet, it's because I was really happy and honored that out from the magical fairy land comes a pleasant surprise!  Yes, it is!

Fairy Hobmother has finally heard my wish, as my blog, "Life's Tips And Tricks" was visited and showered by his magical charm.  I'm so excited to bring the good news!  Fairy Hobmother whispered to me that he is here to stay in the blogosphere, to bring more happiness and cheers to everyone.  

Well, what could be more exciting than having a glimpse of the top five washing machines and having an opportunity to own one.  Fairy Hobmother and his fairy lords are really busy going around the cyber world to sprinkle some love.  So, if you want to meet him in one of your blogs, do leave a comment here with links to your site and who knows, you might be bumping on him right on your door steps to accept his gift of love.  You can also follow him on Twitter to know what he has been up to lately.

Thank you Fairy Hobmother for granting my wish.  Now, I know....wishes do come true. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are You Fond Of Wearing Perfume?

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