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Chantaburi Trip - Day 1

Good Morning Thailand!  As expected, after having a good sleep the night before, I woke up feeling refreshed and excited to see more of Chantaburi.  As soon as I got up from bed, I tried to see the whole view of the city through my glass window.  My room on the 17th floor was just perfect as it gave me a glimpse of the whole downtown of Chantaburi.

So surprising that for a predominantly Buddhist country like Thailand, I could find a Bible on top of my bed side table and it really warms me. Only then that I know that there are also lots of Christian people in Thailand.

After I took a quick shower, I decided to go down to the hotel's lobby area. What could be e better way to start my day other than trying the breakfast buffet from the hotel's coffee shop.  This was included in my room rate, so why not? (lol)

They have a good selection of foods at the buffet table.  Almost complete, I would say.  There were hams, crispy bacons, sausages, fried noodles, , fried chicken, rice, bread,…

How Would I Want To See My Daughter Back Home?

A Visit To Chantaburi Thailand

I just came back from a 3 days visit to Chantaburi Thailand.  Not known to many, Chantaburi is one of the major provinces in Thailand.  Although not as popular as Bangkok, this town has always been a favorite get away of many tourists after they felt exhausted on the busy streets of Bangkok.
Located on the eastern part of Thailand, Chantaburi is closest to the Cambodia boarder, Pailin.  This province is well known for it's famous stones and gems particularly sapphires and rubies.  No wonder I could see a lot of gems shops all over the downtown area. The province is also famous for it's tropical fruits like mangosteen, durian and rambutan.  There is no doubt that this province has a lot to offer in terms of it's natural beauty and needless to say, 3 days is not enough to explore all the interesting places in the province.  For a start, I would just highlight the hotel where I stayed in Chantaburi so I could give some recommendations to those who would be interested to visit …

Look Who's Here!

Dreams do not only happen when you're asleep. Fairy Hobmother is here to bring a treat!
Well, if I sound like an inspired poet, it's because I was really happy and honored that out from the magical fairy land comes a pleasant surprise!  Yes, it is!
Fairy Hobmother has finally heard my wish, as my blog, "Life's Tips And Tricks" was visited and showered by his magical charm.  I'm so excited to bring the good news!  Fairy Hobmother whispered to me that he is here to stay in the blogosphere, to bring more happiness and cheers to everyone.  
Well, what could be more exciting than having a glimpse of the top five washing machines and having an opportunity to own one.  Fairy Hobmother and his fairy lords are really busy going around the cyber world to sprinkle some love.  So, if you want to meet him in one of your blogs, do leave a comment here with links to your site and who knows, you might be bumping on him right on your door steps to accept his gift of love.  You c…

Are You Fond Of Wearing Perfume?

Which Designer Perfume Is Right for You? Deciding which perfume to buy or which perfume to wear is always just as complicated as trying to decide which outfit will look best with your new pair of shoes. Finding a favorite fragrance is a challenge, but once you find a scent that you like, you can stick with it forever. How should you go about choosing a perfume? This is one question that many women have, but the answer to that is easy. Pick a perfume that you like! Here are some tips for choosing that perfect scent. Always put the perfume on your skin Spraying some perfume into the air and then taking a big sniff is not good enough. The perfume may smell really good in the air, but once it touches your skin a reaction happens. Everyone has a different body chemistry, and a perfume scent can change once it touches your skin. Always put some perfume on if you are trying to decide on which fragrance is right for you. Don't try to many perfumes it wants Trying too many pe…