Friday, August 24, 2012

My Typical Day Out From Work

Oh well....last night, I posted on my status at Facebook that I am indeed thankful that after 17 long days of working without having a single day off, I finally got one and it's today! Yippeee!!

It's not that I'm complaining as I am used to this kind of working schedule ever since. I'm working in this kind of  set up for long years and my body just got used to it.  I have worked on shifting, no days off in a month, jump shift and every kind of schedule that you may think of.  It might be difficult for some but not for someone like me who had already adjusted to this working life style.

So today, I woke up in the morning feeling energized after getting a good night sleep.  So to start my day off, I got myself a yummy breakfast consisting of a cup of cappucino, a piece of yummy chocolate cake and to balance my hearty breakfast, I make sure that I would get a serving of fruit and I have chosen a piece of pomegranate.

I was on morning shift yesterday so I was able to do my laundry in the afternoon after I'm off from work at 3 PM.  Today, I just have to tidy up my room, do some online tasks, do the ironing and get a power nap. :)

Sometimes, it really feels nice to have a day for yourself and do all the things that you wish to do without being bothered about anything.  I'm not going out today! I've decided to stay at home since I already went to a salon for my regular mani and pedi two days ago. I would also postpone my "Thai massage" session until my next day off.  I just want to stay in my room and relax.  A lot of people are asking me if I don't  get bored  staying in a suburb and away from my own home and I always answer them with a smile.  I also feel that way at times, but not always as I'm a type of person who can always find something to do.  Good for me!

I wonder if I'm a stay at home Mom like most of my friends and fellow bloggers, would I be able to do it?

What would be my typical day, then?  Hmmm...I got to think about that later.  

Ciao! :)


  1. Hi Krizz! Finally! I am happy for you! 17 days is such a long time without days off. Nakakabilib ka talaga dahil nakaya mo.

    Happy rin ako kasi after almost a year of being on hiatus, nakabalik na rin ako uli dito sa blog mo. Namiss ko dito kung alam mo lang, hahaha!

    Ang sarap naman ng breaky mo. Nakakainggit kasi di ka naman tumataba. Ako naman kahit na di na kumakain, I am struggling to lose weight.

    BTW, as to the question you posted on FB, pardon me if I don't publish any details about that at my blog or even at FB. I have been very careful about wearing my heart on my sleeves because of a bad experience in the past with a fellow blogger. I will be posting about that blogger one day at my blog :-)

    Holiday satin dito today pero wala naman kaming holiday, so gora pa rin for work. Sigh!

  2. Good to know that after a days of continuous work you finally have time to rest. The food looks yummy sis...

    By the way, please change the URL of MY JOURNEY to

    I'll be adding all your links too kasi nawala lahat. Salamat sis...

  3. Present din ako dito at gusto lang chumika.

    Katulad ni Lainy, I'm so inggit of you coz you can eat anything you want and do not need to worry about gaining weight. I wish that my body would be like that too. Unfortunately, women in our family are thin when single and get fat continuously after getting married. Lalo na pagkapanganak! Oh my! That's why ngayon, naku po. Effortless ang pagtaba ko. I don't know the reason why but it's like a fact in the family already! lol. Sadness so I'm really trying hard to lose weight now.

    About your much awaited vacay, I can only be super duper uber happy for you sis! I can't wait to read your blogs about that soon.

    Ingat lagi and i miss you!!! (sabi din yan ng mga blogs ko, miss ka na daw nila. hehehe)

  4. Parang sarap nung cake na yun, Kriz! :) It's always good to have a me-time especially kung ganyan ka busy ang schedule mo. Kahit isang araw lang na full day off, refreshing na yun. Even if you chose to be a stay-at-home mom/wife, I'm sure kelangan mo pa din ng at least one day off from house chores and just enjoy and pamper yourself :) Ingat lagi, Kriz, and take it easy. Hugs!


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