Thursday, August 30, 2012

Healthy Meal That's Easy On The Pocket

 Sauteed Clams

Fried Egg Plant Topped With Onion Leeks

A lot of my friends are telling me that I am health conscious as they always see me buying fruits every now and then.  They also see me to be very wary of the nutritional values that I'm able to take from the foods that I eat.  In a way, it's true but just like the others, I also try to satisfy my cravings. I also eat whatever I like but I also make sure that I eat everything in moderation.

Recently, I used to cook clams.  The one shown on the first photo are very abundant in Cambodia.  It can be cooked in a variety of ways.  In fact, I learned one recipe from a Vietnamese friend.  They used to cook clams with tamarind and chili and the taste is very nice.  However, I still prefer to cook it "Filipino style".  Just saute it with garlic, onions and ginger.  Add a bit of water, fish sauce (patis), a dash of MSG, let it boil and you're done! I used to top it with onion leeks before serving.  To complete my meal, I normally fry some eggplants to go with it.  I just prepare a special sauce consisting of  soy sauce or Maggi Savor with chopped chili, garlic, calamansi to go with it.  According to study, clams are good source of Iron and protein and it can help those people who are suffering from anemia. The many nutritional benefits of clams apart from it's delicious taste made me include it in my regular menu cycle.  What more? It's easy on the pocket, too. Above meal that I prepared (sauteed cams and fried egg plants) only costs me 6,000 Cambodian Riels or Php60.  I actually cooked half kilo of clams and this, together with fired egg plants is good for 2 meal servings. That equates to Php30 per meal. :)

I now include this in my regular week menu cycle.  After all,  I have all the reasons to do it.


  1. Looks really nutritious and delicious sis. It really pays to take care of our body especially pag malayo ka sa family mo.

    Yung links pala, nag change kasi ako ng domain sa My Journey. from roviebren ngayon na sya.

    If hindi ka busy paki update naman ng links ko dito ha. Na add ko na ulit kayo doon. Just let me know if may kulang pa ha. Thanks sis!

    I miss you!

  2. Pwede bang makikain dyan sis? Ang sarap namang ulam nito. The eggplant dish is so inviting! Ang it's been a long time since I had clams...

  3. hmmm.. first time to learn about the eggplant with onion leeks, :D


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