Sunday, August 5, 2012

Health Concern Is Everybody's Concern

For many people, probably health concerns are the ones most often neglected especially for those who are having a busy lifestyle.  More often, since we are more focused at work and family, we tend to have lost our interest on health issues.  People on the rat race are often less conscious about the foods they eat,  the importance of daily exercise and the necessity for regular check ups.  Well, I think otherwise.  For me, health should be a priority especially if you are a working parent or the bread winner in the family.  I believe that in order to work well and provide for your family, you should be at your optimum health level. The reason is quite obvious.  How could you perform your work at your best when you are weak and often sick.  How could you show your great potentials if you are always absent from your work due to sickness.

Having this in mind, I always take time out for myself.  I am mindful of the foods that I eat and I make sure that I get a balanced diet.  I also make it a point to get a daily serving of nutritious fruits. This way, I can make sure that I am getting the right kinds of nutrients and minerals that my body needs.  Apart from this, I do brisk walking whenever I can. I also intentionally go up and down on the staircase of our apartment to get that daily dose of exercise.  I also believe that getting a good body massage can help me to get rid of body toxins and maintain a good circulation of my blood, not to mention that it relaxes my body muscles and helps me to de-stress after a week of hard work.  Since, I am working overseas, I usually make it a point to have regular check ups during my home leaves. However, due to the increasing costs of medical services, most of us tend to be lax in subjecting ourselves for regular medical check ups.  I'm also thinking that as we work, we have to be mindful of the years to come and prepare for our health care needs while we are still earning.  To get this at hand, it would be best to get some health insurances to cover our health related expenses. Since my Mom stays with me and I support her health care needs, I think that getting for her a Medigap seniors insurance would be most adequate.  Since Medigap covers those gaps or health needs not covered by Medicare, it would be nice to have an insurance package that would help fill those gaps.  That way, I can be assured that complete health care services can be extended to my Mom when most needed at no extra cost.

I still believe that in today's age where everything is getting more and more expensive, assuring ourselves and our loved ones of getting proper health care is a must.  The different plans available would enable us to decide what's best for our requirements.  I think good health is the best gift that we could give ourselves and our parents.  Nothing can make us feel more secured than having that assurance that our parents are having the kind of protection  they so deserve.

In the end, that pays off for all our hard work.

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