Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's Next??

I'm feeling restless for the past two weeks.  It seems that my world is revolving at it's optimum level.  After that strenuous battle with my major project for this year which is the renovation of my first house, I'm a little bit relaxed as the major repair works is over.  We're just on the final touch ups now and my brand new tenant has just transferred to the newly renovated house last week.  Well...I couldn't count exactly how much was the total damages  in my pocket, but I as far as I could recall, it's over USD5,000 and counting....Sigh!

Anyway, I was a bit happy with how things are going.  In fact, I didn't expect that I would be able to complete the major repair works by second quarter of this year. things are coming up and I have to prepare for these things as soon as possible.  I'm almost done with my goals for this year and some of the things I accomplished were not even on my list.  

What's up for the next 5 months?

  • I am planning to have my much awaited home leave this coming October. I'm so excited about it! Would love to see the Philippines again.
  • I'm saving enough funds to pay off all my balance for the amortization of my third lot.
  • I'm planning and saving for my planned vacation in Bangkok Thailand early November with the kids.  This would be my early Christmas treat for them as I won't be home this Christmas. I would also take this time to bring them to the famous shopping malls in Bangkok for our early Christmas shopping.
For now, I would just settle for these 3 items on my to do list.  It's only 3 items for now, but I know somehow, it would bring me huge expenses. So, I have to be contented with this a the moment.  Not bad, huh?

Anyway, God is so good.  As what my son told me the other day through his text message, "Don't worry Mom, God provides!"  Well, I guess you're right son!

That's it! I hope that I would be able to have enough preparations for all these for the next 3 months.
Good Luck to me!  Have a great week end everyone! :)


  1. Oh my. My comment yesterday did not push through? Dami ko pa naman sinabi. Huhu. Anyway. im happy that youre accomplishing lots of things! Sana next time ang mabasa ko, uwi ka na for good.

  2. Wow naman sis. Laking achievement na din yung na renivate na ang house mo although malaki ang gastos but sulit kasi magagamit sa matagal na panahon.

    Huwag masyadong magpa stress sa buhay. Laging may paraan ang lahat. What is more important is okay ang health ng buong family at maganda ang relasyon.

    Ingat ka lagi. Good luck sa mga plans mo. :)

  3. Home renovation is indeed a huge (and pretty exciting) goal to accomplish so congratulations to you! I bet you're doing a great job on it. You can drop me a line if you'll ever need an architect in your future projects. I'll be at your service.:)

  4. Good luck on all 3 goals - you're right, it's just three but all involve huge expenses. I'm sure it will make you sooooo happy though :)

  5. too much expenses! you can do it! :) i hope next time you can share some photos of your home.


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