Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme - Count Your Blessings!

This week's BC Bloggers Meme is a topic which I considered dear to my heart.  If you are frequenting this blog, then you would probably know how I always feel thankful to all the good things that are coming my way. But for me, being thankful is not only because of the good things that have come my way but also being able to survive the trials and difficulties in life. A big thanks to Daddy Yashiro for hosting this week's meme.  BC Bloggers is truly amazing and never ceases to come up with so many brilliant ideas for it's year round activities.  You can also be a part of this blogging community and share your blessings, too.

Looking back, there's so many things in life that I have to be thankful about but to narrow down a bit, I want to concentrate on the most recent ones....

What were my blessing for the past few weeks?

First, the fact that I'm able to survive working with a difficult Boss is truly a blessing.  This only means that God gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my own capabilities.  Working under extreme pressure is not an easy thing to do, but God gave me the wisdom to understand things, and a heart that motivates me to persevere and understand that such difficult people exist and that the only way to survive is patience and determination to change things.

Second, I transferred to a new working environment which is a suburb, far from modern amenities and recreational facilities, but I survived! I was able to adjust to my new place with much ease and looking at the brighter side, this condition allows me to save more and practice frugal living.

Thirdly, I currently have a good paying job and a good benefit package that allows me to support my family and sustain our daily needs and caprices.

Fourth, I'm busy and I'm loving the fact that I'm productive and occupied.  I am an overseas worker and being idle during my free time from work will just bore me.  So I am thankful that I have blogs to maintain, online tasks that help me earn extra money and blogging activities that entertained me.

Fifth, I'm happy with the fact that I'm healthy and strong.  I never had sickness except for the very minor ones and for somebody who is away from home and family, that's truly a blessing.

Lastly, my previous problem with my first house was already resolved.  I had it fully renovated and by Thursday this week, I already have a brand new tenant.  I had problems with my previous tenant and maybe God finds the way for me to get rid of her and find a new one who will not bring me problems anymore.

God is so good! Indeed He is.....He never failed me during the most difficult times in my life.  He is always there to guide me and always help me to regain back my strenght when I'm feeling very weak. He motivates me to continue and strive to reach my goals.  Yes, He punishes me at times, but only to make me a stronger and better person.        

I will continue to count my blessings and be thankful for everything that's coming my way!!


  1. A difficult boss to report to everyday..whew! But it's great that you see the blessing in there and you're coming out the better person for that. Makes me smile as I read your blessings. I just can't help but feel blessed too.

  2. Hi Krizza, INDEED God is good. So many blessings to count. Whatever challenges that come our way, our trust in Him will always help us overcome. Be strong in the Lord!

  3. I totally agree with you that working in suburb will help us save and enjoy frugal living:) God's ways are really perfect. Continue enjoying your blessings in the coming days:)

  4. Nice list! Now I miss going to work and being prouctive:)

  5. You are definitely blessed with good health. And because of that, you get to do what you need to get done without any problems at all!

  6. I had difficult boss before. I can't see myself growing old with her environment so I resigned. I prayed for a good hearted one. it was an answered prayer.

  7. it's indeed a blessing to survive and go along with a difficult boss..

  8. It's great to hear about your blessings :) Counting our blessings is a helpful way to keep us satisfied and contented with the things we have. What a great idea to come up with a post like this! :)


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