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A Day In My Not So Boring Life

 This week, I'll be joining again the BC Blogger's Meme after having been inactive in memes for the past two weeks.  This week's meme is hosted by no other than Yuuki of "It's Not Always About Me" and it tackles about a chronicle of your typical day. Well, same with Yuuki, I am also working overseas and because of this, even if I am a wife and a Mom to two kids, I still have a typical day which is quite monotonous as I am away from family.  I would say that my typical day usually revolves around my full time job, my virtual world and some offline activities which I used to do every now and then.  Unlike the other working Moms who usually work on a fixed working hours, I do work on shifts.  It's kind of hard at first but since I am into this kind of job for more than 15 years already, everything now comes easily.
Around 8 to 9 hrs of my typical day will be spent in the office.  After I check out from work, I will spend around 3 to 4 hours blogging and doing …

Time Management

If there's one thing that's quite difficult to master especially for Moms out there, I guess it would be time management.  I'd been a working Mom since day one and still until this very moment.  It's hard to cope up with your daily responsibilities as a Mom and work and venture into a career. I'd been seeing a lot of comments from other people that you can only be good at one or successful at one, and more often you will be compelled to choose one.  In the beginning, it was really a challenge for me. I love my family so much and I always wanted to be a good Mom.  If there's one thing that fulfills me, it's seeing my children grow up to be responsible, God fearing, intelligent, disciplined and good individuals.  Only then could I convince myself that hey, I have done a great job!  
When my kids were still on primary school, a lot of parents who always see me at school during school activities and are aware that I am a working Mom always asked me how I am able…

Reactivating My SSS Membership

One of the things in my bucket list for 2012 is to reactivate my SSS membership which I discontinued since I resigned from the last company that I've worked with in the Philippines.  I resigned 2nd quarter of 2007 and decided to try my luck as an OFW.  I did not intentionally want to discontinue my membership.  It's just that I was too busy and preoccupied at that time and this thing had slipped off my mind.  It was only late last year that I finally gained back my interest in reactivating my account with SSS but still, I was only able to start this year (lol).  Anyway, better late than never.   Since I belong to the maximum bracket of SSS contribution already from my previous employer and upon checking the contributions required for OFW's, I've seen that I just have to continue the same amount of my previous contribution  from my last company.  The only difference is that last time, my company pays for the other 50% of the monthly contribution.  Now, as an OFW, I will…

What's Next??

I'm feeling restless for the past two weeks.  It seems that my world is revolving at it's optimum level.  After that strenuous battle with my major project for this year which is the renovation of my first house, I'm a little bit relaxed as the major repair works is over.  We're just on the final touch ups now and my brand new tenant has just transferred to the newly renovated house last week.  Well...I couldn't count exactly how much was the total damages  in my pocket, but I as far as I could recall, it's over USD5,000 and counting....Sigh!
Anyway, I was a bit happy with how things are going.  In fact, I didn't expect that I would be able to complete the major repair works by second quarter of this year. things are coming up and I have to prepare for these things as soon as possible.  I'm almost done with my goals for this year and some of the things I accomplished were not even on my list.  
What's up for the next 5 months?

I am planning …


I've been using Moneygram for quite sometime now and I'm fully satisfied with their service.  The first time I work abroad, I was using Western Union for sending money back home to the Philippines but at that time, their transfer charges are a way too high.  Good thing that Moneygram was introduced in Cambodia through Canadia Bank.  Now, money transfers are fast and easy.  Not to mention that Moneygram charged lower compared to Western Union.  Because of that, Western Union was forced to lower their charges as most Filipinos here had switched to Moneygram.  But even Western Union had lower their charges, I still stick to Moneygram as I find it safer, cheaper and faster.  Besides, my salary is directly credited to my account at Canadia Bank every month, so it's more convenient for me, as I just have to go to one place to withdraw and send money to my family.  Moneygram only charges $20 for money transfers until $1,500 and add up on charges for $1,501 and up.  They have a br…

BC Bloggers Meme - Count Your Blessings!

This week's BC Bloggers Meme is a topic which I considered dear to my heart.  If you are frequenting this blog, then you would probably know how I always feel thankful to all the good things that are coming my way. But for me, being thankful is not only because of the good things that have come my way but also being able to survive the trials and difficulties in life. A big thanks to Daddy Yashiro for hosting this week's meme.  BC Bloggers is truly amazing and never ceases to come up with so many brilliant ideas for it's year round activities.  You can also be a part of this blogging community and share your blessings, too.
Looking back, there's so many things in life that I have to be thankful about but to narrow down a bit, I want to concentrate on the most recent ones....
What were my blessing for the past few weeks?
First, the fact that I'm able to survive working with a difficult Boss is truly a blessing.  This only means that God gave me the confidence to belie…