Friday, June 29, 2012

Building Up A Good Resume

Being in a corporate world for the past 15 years had given me both the knowledge and experience on how to prepare myself to get a suitable job that is both fulfilling and promising.  We all have to face the fact that job opportunities are limited and applicants are vast in number and the only way to position yourself upfront is to create a good impression to your future employers.  The question is how would you make this possible?  There are a number of things that we have to do to make ourselves viable for certain positions. 

First and foremost, we have to be equipped with a proper education.  By this we do not only pertain to our educational background but a great part of this would include your attendance to various training programs and seminars.

Second, we have to build that required experience.  Getting a diploma does not give you a guarantee of being hired immediately.  Employers still think that a good theoretical background coupled with years of experience is still the winning combination.

Thirdly, a carefully crafted resume can give you the advantage and this is where most people failed.  Now a days, there are lots of resume templates available online.  Some websites offer resume builders that are equipped with tips and key phrases that will assist you in filling up all the required information in your resume.  Not only it leads you to building that highly effective resume, it also includes some samples of cover letters which will help you create a good impression to your prospective employers.

Fourth will be, preparing for the most awaited interviewNothing else could create a first and lasting impression other than an eloquent speaker.  Expressing yourself well in an articulate manner could signify that you know very well what you are talking about and that you speak with confidence over the subject matter.  This also indicates that you are not pretending but sincere with your answers.   Make questions where necessary but do not sound like you are over demanding.  

Fifth, Researching about the company that you're applying in advance would also help as this will indicate to your employer that you are really interested to be a part of their company.  It would also be good if you could check on the public profile of your prospective interviewer, let's say on LinkedIn as you will have an advance information about the person whom you will be talking to.

These are just some of the tips that I could share with you in preparing yourself in getting your dream job.  Building up your resume does not only focus on how well it is written but more importantly,  you should prepare for the contents that will form as an integral part of your resume.   

This is a sponsored post for Pongo, however, all the points and views presented here are my own.


  1. This is a very helpful and informative post sis.

    Nandito lang ako sa tabi-tabi. Hehehe. Medyo busy sa offline world.

    Salamat sa dalaw at suporta.I miss you ;)

  2. Thanks for great and informative post! I know that CV is very important so I used these useful tips for writing effective resume. A good resume and a well written cover letter is the very first requirement for a successful job search. Very often people don't believe it, but in fact the CV is the first information your potential employer learns about you and it's very important to have well-written and clear resume.


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