Friday, June 29, 2012

Building Up A Good Resume

Being in a corporate world for the past 15 years had given me both the knowledge and experience on how to prepare myself to get a suitable job that is both fulfilling and promising.  We all have to face the fact that job opportunities are limited and applicants are vast in number and the only way to position yourself upfront is to create a good impression to your future employers.  The question is how would you make this possible?  There are a number of things that we have to do to make ourselves viable for certain positions. 

First and foremost, we have to be equipped with a proper education.  By this we do not only pertain to our educational background but a great part of this would include your attendance to various training programs and seminars.

Second, we have to build that required experience.  Getting a diploma does not give you a guarantee of being hired immediately.  Employers still think that a good theoretical background coupled with years of experience is still the winning combination.

Thirdly, a carefully crafted resume can give you the advantage and this is where most people failed.  Now a days, there are lots of resume templates available online.  Some websites offer resume builders that are equipped with tips and key phrases that will assist you in filling up all the required information in your resume.  Not only it leads you to building that highly effective resume, it also includes some samples of cover letters which will help you create a good impression to your prospective employers.

Fourth will be, preparing for the most awaited interviewNothing else could create a first and lasting impression other than an eloquent speaker.  Expressing yourself well in an articulate manner could signify that you know very well what you are talking about and that you speak with confidence over the subject matter.  This also indicates that you are not pretending but sincere with your answers.   Make questions where necessary but do not sound like you are over demanding.  

Fifth, Researching about the company that you're applying in advance would also help as this will indicate to your employer that you are really interested to be a part of their company.  It would also be good if you could check on the public profile of your prospective interviewer, let's say on LinkedIn as you will have an advance information about the person whom you will be talking to.

These are just some of the tips that I could share with you in preparing yourself in getting your dream job.  Building up your resume does not only focus on how well it is written but more importantly,  you should prepare for the contents that will form as an integral part of your resume.   

This is a sponsored post for Pongo, however, all the points and views presented here are my own.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BC Blogger's Meme: 5 Things You Want To Do Before You Get Old

I'm back with the BC Blogger's meme and this time, writing on a different topic hosted by no other than Ielenna of My So-called Experimental Blog. Well..this is quite a good and interesting topic to share with our readers and I commend Ielenna for coming up with such a brilliant idea. :)

I definitely agree with Ielenna, we are all getting old in our own pace and time and each one of us probably has a wish list of the things that we want to do or achieve before we reach the golden age.  It's very fulfilling to know that somehow we had achieved something that will make us truly happy and fulfilled before we retired.   Here's my list.....

  • I want to be able to travel to a minimum of 6 international destinations of my choice.  Initially, I only wanted 5 but since, I've already fulfilled 3, then I decided to make it 6. (lol) Plus around 10 exciting destinations in the Philippines to include at least one each from Visayas and Mindanao regions.
  • I want to be able to do a missionary work of my choice.
  • I want to get that chance to host a simple party for the old folks at "Home For The Aged".
  • I want to be able to write a book or an e-book about life.
  • I want to save enough for my old age which would allow me to enjoy life and do the things that I want.
Actually, I have more on my list but since we are only required to write 5, then I choose the ones on top of my list (lol).  Anyway, those are what's in my wish list and with God's grace I'm crossing my fingers that I maybe able to fulfill at least some if not all.  But on a brighter side, I have to think POSITIVE.  I should be able to do all these in the right time.

Want to share your thoughts, too? Join BC Blogger's group here. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Up For The Last Ten Days?

It's been 10 days since I had my last post on this site.  The past ten days were indeed very productive for me.  Should I say, it's fruitful, too?  As usual, I was occupied by my daily routines on the job.  I work on shifts so, sometimes it's also quite hard to adjust with my sleeping pattern but having worked like this for the past years had made me accustomed to it.  In fact, I'm enjoying it. :)

My house renovation project is almost 90% completed.  Blame it to the unpredictable weather in the Philippines. My pocket had been drained for the past few months.  I have lots of unexpected expenses and I can't save enough but I'm still very thankful though that at least one of my major projects for 2012 has nearly come to completion.  Another major project will be coming up within the next few months and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to raise enough funds for it.  Afterwhich, I have to take a break from spending on my projects first and depending on the circumstances, I might be starting with new projects by second quarter of next year.  

God is so good! He never fails me financially, spiritually, physically and mentally.  I would say that He's been blessing me for my hard work all these years and I can't thank Him enough.  I am also very happy with the way my online tasks are going.  Blessings keep pouring on my paypal account and because of this, I get more inspired staying in the virtual world.  Sometimes, I could hardly notice the passing of each day because my time is so occupied.  I have no idle moment in my room.  After I check out from work, that's the time I would be working on some online tasks then if I still have a spare time, I would cook my meals, wash and iron my clothes and do all those personal stuff.  See...hindi ako masayadong busy di ba? :)

I'm also having updates from time to time with my kids at home.  I got to check about their schooling, their social life, their school works, their health and everything that concerns them.  On top of it all, I am still a Mom amidst the distance.  My children's welfare is my top priority.

I should be enjoying the coming days at work, I'm almost near to achieving all my goals for this year so I have to stay firm and calm.  I hope that I will continue to get my inspiration from my family and my friends inside and outside my virtual world.  

Lastly, I have to thank God for all His wonderful blessings.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life Of An OFW (Part 2)

I'm back with the part 2 of my post! Again, tackling topics about being an OFW.  From part 1, I had mentioned that there are some disadvantages that you have to face being an OFW and the most notable of which is meeting undesirable people in your work place.  Sometimes, when you are in a foreign land, you feel totally helpless and you will find comfort and relief knowing that there are some people of the same nationality that could assist you in times of needs.  People whom you will treat as your real friends away from home and country.  Sad to say, people had different values and life style and different point of views, too. Sometimes when working abroad, people got tied up with the determination to keep the job to the point of discrediting their "kababayans".  Of course, these are isolated cases. It's just that my first experience with the first company that I've worked with was not totally a happy experience.  I've worked with people who are just after themselves, who will do everything just to keep the job and will forget about friendship in lieu of keeping the source of income alive. Well, I couldn't blame them for they might have pressures from their families but sometimes, I just personally believe that we are all not in our own country so we have to be more united and more concerned about each other's welfare.  Things didn't happen to how I expect it to be and I was so disgusted.  Sometimes, I feel like I'm facing people with masks as I could not decipher what their true feelings are.  To cut it short, living in a foreign land requires perseverance and a sheer determination to succeed.  "Survival of the fittest", ika nga.  This is where I learned to become totally independent.  To cure myself when I'm sick, feed myself when I'm hungry, go to places alone, entertain myself and best of all just trust myself.  I came to a realization that I couldn't simply rely on anyone and I also couldn't just trust anyone that much.  Sad to say, but this is what I've faced during my first three years.   I've been through a lot of hardships.... to the point that I almost gave up.   

My only consolation then is my family and my faith to God.  I never regret going through this experience.  Through this, I became more prayerful.  During times of troubles and when I'm feeling down and out, I could only talk to God through prayers. My faith drives me to continue.  I always believe that everything was God's plan and He will not bring me problems which I couldn't overcome.  I hold on to that faith and this is where I regained back my strenght and the will power to move on.

On a brighter side, I am happy that I was able to deliver my family's needs especially my kids.  We were able to give them a comfortable life and an assurance that they could have a bright future ahead.  I was able to do a lot of improvements in my properties, give my kids their needs and wants and also support my Mom in her old age, giving her all her personal needs and required medications.  I was able to bring my kids out of the country, explore exciting places in the Philippines and spend some quality time and total relaxation with them during my scheduled vacations.  I also succeed to open a personal savings account for both of them which could help them with something to start with after schooling.

I'm happy to say that things are falling into places.  When I moved to a new company March of this year, I was with high hopes for a continued success in my career, but my dream was torn down into pieces when I encountered problems during the third month of my employment.  I almost quit because of this.  I couldn't take the pressures and the unpredictable behavior of my Boss but then again, I resorted to prayers and asked for His guidance.  God brought me to where I am now as this is what I've prayed for before I decided to change my company.  Again, God never failed me, things are getting better now.  I did try to find His message for every miseries that I have gone through and I'm happy to say that I'm getting His message now.

On a final note, I would say that being an OFW is not a bed of roses.  Working in a foreign land is a big challenge that requires self discipline, perseverance, determination and a strong faith in God.  If you have all these and is ready to take all those challenges with you, then that's the time that you could feel and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
I'm happy to say that despite the distance, my kids grew up to be responsible and good children.  They knew how to value our "hard work" and our relationship is still intact.  They were left alone with just my Mom and a house helper but I'm proud to say that they never gave me any problems when we were away.  Distance is not a hindrance to mold your children to become better persons.  In every relationship, communication is very important and in our life's struggle, it is our personal relationship with God and our faith that brings us together and help us overcome whatever difficulties that comes along our way.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life Of An OFW (Part I)

band of ofws Pictures, Images and Photos May 04 2012 marks my 5th year as an OFW.  Looking back, I think for the past five years, I have gone through a lot of experiences, both good and bad.  To be honest, I never thought that I would be an OFW someday.  Working abroad has never been a dream to me unlike the others.  Way back then, I was so contented with my job and the company that I've worked with in the Philippines.  I've enjoyed a good salary, attractive benefits and allowances and a lot of opportunities for growth and advancement.  Around 70% of my training certificates and the countless seminars that I've attended in the past is because of that company.  Needless to say, I was so grateful that I'd never thought of moving to another company or even to work abroad.  But sometimes, things happened  unexpectedly, more than what we can imagined.  Our company had closed down it's operations due to some problems with the government license and some other issues which can no longer be resolved.  I was still with high hopes that everything will be fixed and I still can continue to work there but things didn't work to my favor.  Before I knew it, I was already contacting a relative for a possible employment abroad and it's very timely that a new branch of their company will open up soon and the last thing that I remembered was I already booked my ticket 2 weeks later. 

Yes, things happened very fast.  It was a personal choice to leave the country but part of it happened perhaps as part of my fate.  That time, I was equally thrilled and bothered to leave.  It's my first time to leave my children behind after being a stage mother for many years. :)

Fortunately, they were not really too young at that time.  My eldest is just approaching his teen years and my youngest was already 10.  Right timing perhaps.  It's a good thing too that I got kids earlier in life because if not, I wouldn't afford to leave them if they were still toddlers.  It was a big adjustment for me!  Way back home, I have my Mom with me, my kids are there and we have a house helper to do the household chores.  My husband is also an OFW, so we are already used to the fact that he is not always around, although he stay quite long in the Philippines during his scheduled vacations.  When I got my job here abroad, I practically do everything unlike at home.  I have to take care of myself coz I'm alone.  It's quite hard especially when you get sick.  The first year was a struggle.  I felt the home sick, too as what most people abroad are complaining.  There were times that I was crying at night.  Sometimes I got really bored and wished that I was home.  Everything then was new to me.  The place, the people, the culture, the foods, the language...everything. I told myself that I need to adjust if I wanted to continue.  My home sickness and boredom gets cured everytime I write down those goals that I dreamed to do and accomplish in my little planner.  Whenever I thought of my kids future, my own future and my Mom whom I wanted to support in her old age, I suddenly get that drive to continue.  Maybe the modern technology had also helped a lot to ease my pains and sufferings.  The fact that I could have exchange of text messages with them everyday, a chance to see them on webcam everytime I chat with them was such a big relief.  In addition, I was lucky that our company allows me to plan for my own vacations which I normally scheduled 2 to 3 times a year.

However, there were also some disadvantages which I could hardly bear sometimes. I think that's the other side of being an OFW.  Let me continue this on part 2.  
I do hope that by sharing my personal experiences, I could be of help to others, at least to give you some ideas of how it is to be an OFW.

Ciao for now!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Intensified Book Sale

R.O.B. Us! (Raid Our Bookshop: Ultimate Sale) is back and it's more InTENse than ever! Check out these 10 massive book deals from June 9-27!!! 
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4. P95 a book - Snatch them from the bundle pile
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6. 20% off on all regular-priced OMF Lit titles
7. 30% off for Kaibigan Card and Pastors' Exclusives members on all regular-priced OMF Lit titles on June 15 and 16
And because OMF Literature is celebrating its 55th anniversary this 2012, here are some special treats for you!
8. Stuff All You Can for only P550 (for all first access pass holders only and valid only on June 8)
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Online Marketing For Business

One of my favorite topics in my blogs is online marketing.  Since I was hooked to blogging more than a year ago, I've discovered a lot of opportunities the world wide web is offering.  It's a well known fact that there's more to blogging than simply putting your thoughts and feelings into writing.  Blogging has paved the way for earning opportunities, too.  

Browsing online, I was able to get a good grasp of techniques in putting up an online business as well, and considering that many online businesses are sprouting up like mushrooms only proved one thing, that online businesses coupled with a good web design and effective online marketing can boost your business performance and produce more profit. 

One of the many reasons why small businesses are lured into online marketing is the cost.  The ratio of the cost to reaching the targeted audience proves to be inexpensive as compared to other traditional marketing tools.  The fact that a large fraction of the population around the world is browsing online for most goods and services that they need can give any business an assurance that they can reach their target audience in no time.  

There are lots of ways to market your products online, email marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising and inbound marketing are only few examples and so far, the most effective.  However, in choosing the marketing strategy for your business, you have to weigh the minus and the plus points.  One most notable aspect of online marketing  that sets it's disadvantage is the unavailability on the part of the consumers to actually see and feel the products that they are buying.  Some consumers preferred to get that personal experience of being able to touch the merchandise and examine it's quality.

However, the advantages of online marketing outshines it's disadvantage and more and more businesses are still attracted to get the many benefits that online marketing has to offer.  Well, given a choice and having the chance to put up my own business someday, I would still choose online marketing for my business.

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