Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Over the past week, I was not feeling okay.  I am into a deep emotional turmoil.  I am mentally disturbed. Stress here and there thinking of my never ending problems.  Sometimes, it's just hard to work things out especially when you are not physically present to assess the situation.  Moreover, I was also having work related problems that's killing my will power to move on.  I would admit that I'm almost giving up and thinking that probably, it would be better for me to rest and escape from all these pressures and stress.  I am having problems with my tenant.  While the house she is renting out was undergoing minor renovations,  my problems started to pile up.  The contractor working on my house failed to follow all our agreements and the people he hired to do the repair works had  caused me more problems.   My tenant left the house with more than 2 months rental payments unsettled and utility bills unpaid for the past 6 months.  She left without any words and simply disappeared after discreetly taking out all her things from the house.  She is currently avoiding all our calls and emails.  To say the least, she evaded her responsibilities.  

Who would not feel disgusted?

Just the other day, I was looking outside from the window of my bedroom which is situated on the third floor of the apartment that's why I could very well see the view at the back of the housing unit. I took a snap shot of what I saw.  It was the above photo.  What is in this photo that interests me? Well...I saw these houses made of some scrap materials which can resemble those squatter areas in the Philippines.  As I look at those houses, I begin to feel shy about myself.  Here I am, complaining about things.  I'm, complaining about my tenant who evaded from the rental fees.  But what does this denotes?  That means I have more than one house, and these people down there in that squatters area didn't even have a decent one.  I could see how they live one day at a time, what is their way of life and how do they try to survive in the midst of a heavy downpour with that small house trying to squeeze themselves just to protect their bodies from cold.

As I see this thing, I've whispered a prayer.....I asked God for forgiveness for being so mindful of small things and not being thankful enough of the great things which I am enjoying through God's grace. 

This photo will always remind me to see things beyond what my naked eye could see.


  1. Oo nga sis. You are indeed blessed despite the problems coming your way. I pray that you will overcome whatever worries you have right now.

    Stay blessed and happy! Hugs!

  2. Thats right Krizza. Youre still very blessed. You have a well renovated house plus another house that earns you money. Sometimes iba talaga si God tumapik ano?

    Just yesterday, i was feeling gloomy too and complaining, kasi hubby is gonna study in Cabanatuan starting June. That means we are going to move out of our house anytime soon to prepare ourselves to settle there. We already have reserved the dorm to where we are going to stay. But, why am i not looking forward to it? Why am i so sad? Kasi i am a kind of person who takes time to adjust. Though, i will be studying too to get sme more units para makakuha ako ng LET, ang sad ko pa din. A new place na wala akong kakilala. Tapos napakainit pa dun. Tapos the travel every weekend to Mnila to attend to our ministries. Ang arte diba?

    But then as i think over my kaartehan, sabi ko anu ba yan. Para kong bata. Pinuprublema ang maliit na bagay na di naman dapat problemahin. When theres a lot of people who has greater problems than me. That our moving to Cabanatuan should be a blessing.

    That made me seek for God's forgiveness too. Then, I planned that once we are settled there na, I and Hubby will pray for our room and the place that God will protect us there and make it comfortable for us just how comfortable we are here in our house in Cavite. Na masanay agad ako with the environment and all. Na maging blessing din kami sa mga taong makakasalamuha namin dun.

    Ayan mas mahaba pa sa blog mo yata tong comment ko. Lol! But still whatever it is that were going through, may God always remind us how blessed we are despite the disappointments or when things dont go as we planned them. God bless you Sis and always be a blessing to others. Muah!

  3. Am glad sis that this blog post ended with a redeeming value. Inspiring nga eh. Sometimes, it just takes a different perspective for us to see the bigger picture. I feel God showed you that scene to make you realize that you are so so much blessed.

    Problems will always be a part of our lives...but never lose sight of the God who is bigger than everything....with that thought, you will have peace always and the assurance that everything will always work for good. :-)


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