Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ice Cream Please

Today, I had the chance to treat myself for an ice cream.  Since I came back to Cambodia after my 2 weeks long vacation in the Philippines last March, I barely had the chance to treat myself for one.  After my “Thai Massage”, I decided to get some ice cream.  I would admit that ice cream here is not as good as what we have in the Philippines.  But since I don’t have a choice, I would rather have one than none (lol).  Anyway, this 3 scoop combination costs me THB40K or maybe around Php50.

As I was eating my ice cream, I remembered my two kids who used to share ice cream with me every time  I’m home.  They love to eat ice cream, too especially my daughter.  

Time flies so fast! Summer vacation was over.  It’s going to be June once again and they have to get back to school.  I’m a bit sad that I can’t join them to buy their things for school.  But that’s how it is.  Anyway, I’m looking forward for my next vacation.  It’s not that soon but it will definitely come.  

Oh well, having this ice cream is just a part of the things that I did today for my day off.  I’ll be back to work tomorrow and I hope that I will have another peaceful week that’s stress free. 



  1. I was just thinking of having ice cream last night but I fought off the urge. Ice cream always makes me feel full even if I'm not.

    I'm sure you miss your family a lot. It's good to look forward to vacations, right?

  2. Looks delicious Sis! Praying that everything is fine and good with you... Hugs!

  3. Thanks Aileen! It's really good to look forward to vacations. It gives you a different kind of excitement kasi to see your loved ones once again! :)

  4. I want banana split from BR. Huhuhu! It's hot in here in the UAE.

  5. I love ice creams! It's not just heat-buster for me, but also stress-buster. And like you, eating ice cream brings me bittersweet memories. But since it's comfort food, the bittersweet becomes sweet. Im sure your kids miss you na rin,and they love you so much.

  6. I just had ice cream too.. :) Mine's a pistachio-flavored one by Selecta. Anyway, glad that you savored your recent vacation!

  7. craving for an ice cream today, Its really different when you are in your hometown!


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