Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enjoying Her Pet

Mika Ella with her pet Lucio (our little bunch of joy!)

 Mika's kuya enjoying the company of Lucio, as well.

My unica hija Mika sent me these photos with her pet shih tzu, "Lucio".  She had acquired Lucio more than 2 months ago when I was on vacation in the Philippines.  She has been dying to own a shi tzu pup and  keeps on urging me to get one for her.  I finally gave in to her request and gifted her with a shi tzu pup last February 26 whom we named Lucio.  Lucio is now getting bigger and as he gets older, he becomes sweeter and more playful.  No doubt that my daughter has been enjoying her summer break with Lucio.  Too bad that I can't join them this summer for some summer escapades, since I just moved on to a new company. Luckily that I got Lucio for her as she had the chance to enjoy her summer vacation despite my absence.  I thank Lucio for that! But looks like her kuya is enjoying as much.  I've heard from Mikz that Lucio even preferred to be with her kuya most of the times as Lucio keeps on following him wherever he goes inside the house. Oh well, Mikz was very good in creating the above photos.  The first time I saw the pics, I wonder where they get those pups.   Until I realized, "Oh it was Lucio!" and Mikz just tried her hands in photo editing (lol).  It's nice, isn't it?

Good job Mikz! :)

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  1. Ang galing nga ng pics eh.. Nice talaga. Glad that Lucio is becoming sweeter and even cuter! At si kuya pa ang laging sinusundan ah? hahaha.. Must be so cute to look at!

  2. Kala ko nga nanganak si Lucio eh or nag asawa na... Hehehe

    Ang saya naman! :-)

  3. the dogs are so cute, especially Lucio! :)

    Here for WW!

  4. What an adorable pet and quite pampered, too, I think, because both Mika and her kuya love Lucio! Visiting back!

  5. Lucio is adorable!

    My Happiness , have a great weekend!

  6. sweet naman ni lucio:) and ng mga anak mo:)very nice photos:) visiting from" Happiness is"

  7. ooohhh! you got me there! Lucio is so cute! late visit for WW!

  8. awwww! those are the cutest puppies ever, so cuddly :-) Dropping by from last weeks WW

  9. yay! wish granted Sis...those are the cutest puppies ever :-) so cute and cuddly :-) Dropping by from Happiness Is


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