Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Week Of Life's Challenges....

 If there's one thing that I'm terribly missing, it is my constant inter action with my blogging friends.  We used to comment on each other's  post and visit each other's blogs and get new updates from each other's lives.  Sounds cool, huh?  Recently, our lives turned 360 degrees.  All of us suddenly gets busy with our own personal lives offline. We seldom get in touch but we do manage to say hi's and hellos through facebook. 

As for me, I get terribly busy since I've joined a new company and gets a new job.  The demands on the job is quite high and I am having difficulty catching up with my Boss requirements sometimes.  I would admit, I've been in the business for quite sometime and I'm quite familiar with the ins and outs of the job but mind you, this is my first time to be working under a difficult Boss.  It's quite tough and it's driving me nuts.

The question is...I am still able to take the challenge?

Today is Monday and I am again facing a new week full of challenges.  I don't want to sound pessimistic but sometimes, I can't help but worry.  In my life now, everyday is a challenge.  Every brand new day is a day full of surprises.  It's very far to how it used to be in my past work.  Sometimes, I feel like giving up.  Well...everything in my current place is acceptable except for the pressures that I'm getting from my Boss.  He got a skill of converting a garden into a wilderness in an instant and a talent of converting a very simple thing into an extremely difficult situation.  How is that for an example? (lol)

Well...whatever it would be in the near future, I just hope that everything will come into proper timing.  As I said, I want to deal with things one step at a time.  Now, I'm on my way to solve problems at home.  It's getting to where it should be and I'm confident that in a couple of weeks, everything will get back into shape.  I have decided to fully renovate my "for rent house".  Even if it translates to huge expenses, I have to do it to bring it back to it's good shape and be in demand for tenants.  After this, I have to move on the next one.  Once I've settled, then I have to make a decision. 

Sometimes, it's extremely difficult to be on top.  But looking at the bight side of things, I'm beginning to appreciate the fruits of my labor on a different perspective.  I just keep in my mind that "hard work" pays off.

In every challenge that I've faced, I always keep in mind that God is there to guide me.  Whenever I think of that, I begin to look at things on a different perspective.  I know that God won't gave me things that I cannot handle and as early as now, I'm trying to find His message in all the things that I'm going through now.

The week ahead might be full of challenges and I have to get ready to face those......



  1. God bless you Sis. Just look at every challenge as an opportunity to grow and be closer to God.

    Enjoy! Mwah!

  2. You're definitely right Sis! I'm trying to be open minded as much as I could. Life is tough now for me but I'm still having those positive thoughts that I could make it. If not, then there's always a place for me somewhere.

    Thanks for the visit and moral support. :)


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