Monday, April 9, 2012

Vietnamese Dishes

Hi everyone! We had an acquaintance party last April 07 and since we are a department with a mixture of different nationalities, we had decided that each group would bring some dishes which. For this post, I would be featuring first the Vietnamese dishes prepared and cooked by our Vietnamese staff.

Vietnam Fried Spring Rolls

Believe me, this is so yummy and it comes with a special sauce. In fact, I ate a lot of these.

Our Vietnamese staff says, the spring rolls should be eaten together with these green veggies. I tell you, in Cambodia and Vietnam, green veggies are very well loved. In a way, it's good because I was influenced by them. Now, I eat a lot of veggies more than I did when I was in the Philippines.

This is another kind of Vietnam spring rolls but it's not fried same like the other one. The counterpart of this in the Philippines is our "lumpiang sariwa" but it comes with a different dip.

This is again, one of my favorites! Shells that is sauteed with tamarind sauce and a lots of chili. They usually mix some herbs but I forgot the name (lol). I always order this dish every time I eat in Cambodian and Vietnamese restaurants. 

So these are only few of the dishes that were served that night. Everything was good and we were able to have a taste of different dishes. It was a wonderful night. Everybody had fun including our Boss and some visitors.

So to our Vietnamese friends, thank you for allowing us to have a taste of your specialty, we truly loved it!



  1. mahilig din pala sila sa gulay sis... hehehe dito kasi sa atin kahit mura ang gulay parang mas preferred ang pagkain ng karne...

    good to know na nag enjoy kayo sa party ninyo...

  2. I'd like a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. I heard they are into lots of plant foods...which explains why most of them have slender physique...

  3. Gustong gusto ko din nyang "fresh lumpia." Dami kong nakakain na ganyan. May Thai version din nyan I think. Yung shells, parang ang sarap nga. Anong tawag sa shells na yan? Para din ba yan yung halaan sa'tin?

  4. mukha ngang ang sasarap ng foods nila and I am so happy na nagkakilala tayo through blogging at now I can know something about Vietnamese people. Thanks for sharing:)


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