Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Night Out At KTV!

Last Saturday, we had a chance to go out and spend few hours of fun and entertainment at a KTV bar nearest to our staff housing unit. This is just few blocks away from our place and located inside a hotel on the main road going to the boarder of Thailand. This was the idea of our Boss to celebrate our last training day as we are about to work on shifts this coming week as we are already near to our opening date. He gave me a phone call and asked me to check with the staff if they wanted to have a simple celebration and everybody agreed. We have decided that instead of a small party having "pot luck" same like what we have done last time, we will just book a VIP room in the hotel's KTV. So after we checked out from our training at 5PM, we had some rest and we assembled at 7:30 PM so we could all go at the same time to the venue of our "small gathering". It's quite pleasing to know that the venue for the said party was indeed a good choice. The place is nice and presentable, clean and cozy. When we get inside the hotel, the first thing that we did is to have some pictures taken. Maybe because we felt attracted with the nice interiors of the hotel.
I was mesmerized with the wonderful wooden sculptures on display at the hotel lobby. Everything is nice. It was my first time to see this place and I am glad that I was not disappointed. The VIP room of the KTV looks nice and is quite big, well big enough to accommodate all of us. It has a huge screen, bigger compared to those that I've seen before from other KTV bars.
Overall, our simple gathering turned out to be a nice one. Everybody seemed to have enjoyed the whole night of singing coupled with fun and laughter. It's nice to unwind sometimes to have time to relax and get away from pressures from work and family.


  1. Ay, I was expecting to see a picture of you holding a mic and belting out a tune, Kriz! :) Pero syempre, yung furniture ang talagang binigyan mo ng unang attention :D

  2. Indeed the place looks neat and cozy nga sis. Pina bongga din ang pose mo dun sa unang pic ha. It's good that at least may mga bonding activities kayo.

    Ingat lagi. Please visit Bella's new site sis... Lumipat na sa WordPress yung blog nya...:-)

  3. Korek si Km! Did you have fun singing too krizzy? Anyway,glad that you loved the place and the gathering! We're really different because if I was there. I'd be the first to hold the mic and choose the song that I want to sing. Hahaha! Do you know that singing is my stress reliever? I'd go to SM and sing alone if no companions when I'm burned out or stressed out. Talaga namang relieved Ako when I come out. Yun nga Lang my voice is hiding ngayon due to extreme weather Siguro. As in walang boses na lumalabas. Huhu. Thats why will have to wait for the voice to come back so I could record a song for you na ipinromise ko.

    I love the interiors too as they look elegant pati sa pics. Ang cute mo kriz in that first picture!!

  4. wow! you seems to have such a good time! i love singing, myself but the last time i went out with some friends in a KTV was five years ago, lol!

  5. Mukhang mabait ang boss nyo ah. Napansin ko, kapag wala namang ibang maisip na lakad, KTV is a surefire hit.


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