Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lucio Is Now On Training

Our dear Lucio is now on training. He's 2 months old now and I just told my daughter Mikz that its about time to train him a bit. We wanted him to learn to pee and poo at the right place and so Mikz had done some research on how can she train Lucio on this. Today, I just had a chat with my daughter and she told me that she started training Lucio already and she told me to give our Lucio enough time to get used to what is being taught to him. I've seen Lucio on webcam and he's getting cuter as he gets bigger. His hair is getting longer and thicker. Maybe a month more to go and Mikz can already tie his hair with some cute ribbons. I am also excited to see him wearing a cute shirt and ribbon. Just by his looks now, we already find him so adorable, how much more in the coming month? :)

No doubt that Lucio keeps everyone in the house entertained and I'm glad that both my son and daughter takes turn in bathing and feeding him. He is still into milk and dog food. Sometimes, Mikz lets him try to take some breads and soup. This cute little puppy is really our darling. My daughter is enjoying every single day of her summer vacation because Lucio is giving her company and I feel so happy about it. I could see from both my son and daughter how they love and adore Lucio. I guess, even me. I always request them to bring Lucio in front of the webcam as i really wanted to have a glimpse of him. I really missed him a lot, too.

I just hope that he will learn to do his business outside the house soon. Well, I'm quite optimistic about that.

Long way to go Lucio!


  1. Nakakagigil naman talaga si Lucio oh. Hehe! I'm sure ma-t-train din sya, and mukha namang matyaga si Mikz at very willing na turuan sya :) Yung aso namin sa Pinas, askal lang pero well trained. Talagang nagpapalabas sya pag gusto nya na mag poo at mag pee ;)

  2. so adorable nman talaga sis si Lucio...

    visiting back from happiness is...

  3. Gusto kong hingiin si Lucio! Soo cute! Haha.. Anyway, I'm glad that Lucio gives so much happiness in the family. I'm sure that he'll be trained soon which will make him more adorable. Happy for you and your kids Krizzy!

  4. He surely a darling to everyone in your household sis. Buti naman at matyaga si Mikz na i train at alagaan si Lucio...

  5. Is Lucio a shih tzu? I also have a shih tzu named Fluffy and she's only 3 months^^


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