Sunday, April 1, 2012

Looking Back.....

Oh's been 18 days since I've joined my new company. There are lots of changes and adjustments but there are also so many good things to be happy about. Aside from the fact that this place is more rewarding professionally and financially, I was also able to gain many new friends. I feel blessed that God gave me my wish and that is to be able to find a place where I can work and feel happy at the same time. For me, having a good relationship with my staff and colleagues really matters. Sometimes, I am thinking, what is the use of working and earning if you don't have any peace of mind and you are not happy with what you are doing. Well, in this place I have it all. I know it's still too early to tell, things may change later but the fact that I have a good start is already a good sign. I have thought of writing this post coz it's a Sunday and I wanted to share the power of prayers.

Prior to getting this job, I have prayed sincerely to God. I asked him to decide for me and lead my way. I've been praying to be in a place that I would be happy and at the same time will give me a sense of fulfillment career wise. Needless to say, I was having a lot of qualms in my previous job. It' just that I was a bit comfortable with the place and there's not much pressures that's why I was able to stand working there for few years. But everything is not in order and there's not much opportunities for growth. The business is also sinking and there is a problem on stability. There were times that I'm upset as I had this feeling that I'm just wasting my time staying in that place. I prayed to God and asked him to give me a better opportunity. I would say that I have "answered prayers". God gave it to me and even gave me more than what I have asked for. I am very thankful for all the good things that's coming my way and I can't thank God enough.

God is so good. Sometimes, some of your prayers were left unanswered and it is because God has better plans for you and it will come on the right time.

Have a blessed Sunday to all.


  1. Praise the Lord for His goodness. I can feel how thankful you are! You are blessed for having those prayers answered. Nakakatuwang basahin ang mga experiences mo at nakakainspire!

  2. i agree with you on that... no matter how big the company is, and no matter how lucrative the compensation is, if you don't have peace of mind, you still won't be happy..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on Happy Birthday To My Most Beautiful Sister!

  3. Answered prayer ka talaga, Kriz :) God is pleased with how thankful and appreciative you are of His blessings in your life :)

  4. Godspeed with your new job sis.. :)

  5. God is so good! May He shower you with more blessings!

  6. God is good all the time sis. You are indeed blessed to be in that company.

    Surely God answers prayer. Ingat lagi dyan! Hugs!

  7. God is good all the time. and Congrats you found what you want in your career and you're happy

  8. Hi ate Krizza! Sobrang naging busy ako with school, online tasks and personal life. Minsan ko na nga lang nauupdate ang Coffee Chic. Kakabalik ko lang talaga :) Miss na miss na kita. Anyway, 18 days pa lang pala since you last joined the new company? Buti naman at nagustuhan mo! God bless sa new career ate!


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