Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Busy But I'm Happy!

Oh my! I haven't updated my blogs lately. It's so unusual for me not to update my blogs. My blogger friends can attest to that. Perhaps, I'm one of the most visible bloggers before. In fact, I used to write a post for my main blog, Life's Tips And Tricks daily. Oh well..that was before. I also blog walk a lot in the past. But sad to say, I have to get away from blogging a bit because of my busy schedule at work. We're on the process of setting up now and as expected, we have tons of jobs to do. Aside from that, I was doing the training for more than a week. I have to prepare my modules and materials for the training and this had taken much of my time last month. Now, that I'm done with the training, I have to devote some time on paper works. I only have Sunday for my day off and this is the day that I devote for chatting with the kids on top of doing my laundry and going to the market to buy my stock for the week. I also cook my own foods, iron my clothes and clean my room. I only have a free time after 7PM daily after I'm done cooking and eating my dinner and also fixing my room. I normally start to be in front of my laptop at around 8PM checking and answering my emails, do a little of blog walking and writing a post if I can. Sometimes, I even fall asleep with my laptop still ON.

Now friends, please don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining! In a way, I prefer my life now than before when I was still at my old place and company. I am busy but I am happy! Why is that so? Maybe because, I have a fast paced life now which does not give me the luxury of time to think and get sad. Hmmm...I don't have much time to emote and think about the past which I normally do when I was still with my previous company, being so free. Although my blogging activities were affected, I guess I don't have much choice. Maybe you really can't be good at two things at the same time. But blogging has been my passion which I couldn't set aside no matter how busy I am. I can't afford to lose the fun and action in the blogosphere. Of course, I couldn't afford not to interact with my online friends whom I've been missing a lot. But I will do my best to keep in touch every time I get online. That's a promise!

So much for this friends, I have to pause for now and attend to some other things.

Of course, how can I forget to link this post to my online buddy's meme...


  1. Yay! Pang HH pala na post ito sis. Oh diba, busy but happy! I like that... Hehehe

    We will always be here sis kahit busy ka. Pare-parehas nga lang din ang karamihan sa atin, busy na din pero lagi lang tayong nandito para sa isa't isa.

    Ingat ka lagi dyan and take some time to relax and enjoy...Hugs~

  2. im so happy that you're busy and happy! wag mo kaming alalahanin. were just here waiting for posts anytime when youre not busy at all. God bless! and miss you!

  3. Sometimes we can get busy talaga sa real world but it's nice to know na no matter how much busy you can get e happy ka pa rin.

    Happiness is
    Summer Shopping

  4. Amidst ng iyong kabisihan eh talagang may routine ka pa din. Kriz, at talagang organized ang schedule ;) Glad to know na talagang happier ka now with your new work :)

    Dumadalaw for Happiness Is. Salamat sa suporta despite sa iyong busy life :) Ingat lagi and God bless!

  5. there are times that we get to be busy offline once in a while, it also happen to me. Visiting for for Happiness is, mine is up at

    see you around!!!!

  6. yay! sounds like you are busy as a buzzling bee Sis :-) but I am HAPPY that you are contented with the new company that you are now :-) Stress free is purely HAPPINESS. Returning from Happiness Is

  7. great to know that you're happy! :) ok lang yan sis, ako ng late ang bloghopping kasi busy din sa mga gawaing-bahay naman at sa 2 bata but like you, i always enjoy it! dalaw-dalaw pa din ako dito. keep in touch na lang! ingat na lang palagi, enjoy and have fun tsaka get some enough rest din! visiting late from happiness is...hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)


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