Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunch Date At Cocolime!

During the last day of my vacation in the Philippines this month, I was able to treat the whole family out for lunch after the last mass at the San Roque chapel inside SBMA. We have decided to take our lunch at Cocolime since we are familiar with the place and we really like the foods they serve there.

We never failed to order this beef pochero everytime we dine there. The serving is quite big and the soup is really awesome.

Mikz was really overjoyed with the beef pochero soup which is her favorite.

This pinakbet stew is their best seller.

It's our first time to order this Mandarin Chicken.

Oh! Our poor Lucio is waiting for his turn. (lol)

I really admire Lucio. Every time we go out, he was always behaved. He never make any noise when we were in the church as well as in the restaurant.

That lunch date was already a week ago but until now I still cannot get over the memories that I had with my family. Now I'm counting days and months so I could get that chance again to dine with them.

Happy Sunday!


  1. At least magaganda at masasayang alaala ang baon mo pag alis sis. Lucio is such a darling...

  2. Ang cute naman ng puppy =) Ang sarap ihug.. I miss you ate Kriz! Sorry medyo busy ha? Thanks sa pagdalaw sa blogs ko!

  3. Kriz, pochero ba yun? Hindi ba beef nilaga lang yun? Alam ko kasi ang pochero may tomato sauce di ba, tapos may saba?

    Nga pala, okei naman ang cake decorating class. Once a week lang naman yun, and pangatlong lesson ko pa lang mamaya. More on decorating talaga yung course, not baking. Ikaw, nakapag decide ka na ba saan ka mag-ba-baking lessons? :)

  4. Sorry now Lang ulit napapdpad dito. Sooo Sarap naman ng mga fuds! And so sure ni lucid! Can I borrow him for one day? Kakagigil. Sana iallow na dito sa apartment ang dogs. I miss u krizzy!

  5. *cute ni lucio.. Sorry I don't know why this iPad keep changing my words. Urgh!


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