Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lucio Is Getting Bigger

Time flies so fast, our baby Lucio is now getting bigger. Now, I realized that the comments I have received from my previous post are all correct. It's really relaxing to have a pet like Lucio in the house. My two kids adore him so much. I can see how they take good care of him. Now, we have already introduced him to dog food. His teeth are starting to come out and milk is no longer enough for him. Lucio is getting bigger and funnier. He's starting to entertain all of us in the house. He's so sweet and playful now.

Although, we get to clean his "popooh" every now and then, I guess, the happiness that he brings into the family is priceless.

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  1. Lucio is too cute!!! Your daughter is learning the importance of responsibility at a young age (: You are right when you say that the happiness a pet brings into the family is priceless :D they are so genuine and full of love!!

    My family is also preparing to welcome a new furry member, and I am so excited! My parents have said no for the longest time ever but now they feel its a good time to have a pet! YAYY!!

    Congrats on the newest addition to your family (:

  2. Yay! Lucio pala ang name ng bagong family member ninyo sis ha...

    At least worth it ang decision mong bilihin sya...

  3. ay naman talaga!! I adore dogs too sis krizza :) sobra!! and like you, I also have one, I named her to the Legend Japanese dog "Hachiko" hehehe,... every now and then, pinapatunayan nilang they are really man's best friend :)

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  4. Oh my! He looks like Ewoks! :-)

    Does he still pee and poo everywhere, Krizz? Our Ewoks has learned over time not to. He will hold up his poo or pee till he's ushered outside of the house to do his business. We will know if he's into it coz keeps barking and barking to no end. They are so easy to train.

    Kumusta ang bakasyon mo? Pasensya, I haven't been blogging so much for more than a week now. I hope you are having a grand time.

    Love and Hugs,

    Thanks for the beautiful gifts. I love them all! Mwah!

  5. eto na si Lucio???! yay!!! sobrang na-happy din ako makita sya. ang kyut kyut!!! feeling ko godmother ako ni Lucio, kasi sumuporta ako sa panawagan ni Mikz :D

  6. Cute little puppy! they say that kids with pets grow up to be more caring persons when they grow up. your lucio is adorable. visiting for HI...

  7. ang cute naman ni lucio.mahilig din ako sa dog.

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  8. Such a cutie! kakatuwa ang kapal ng balahibo nya!
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  9. hi kriz! dumaan dito ulit para i-pet si Lucio :D

  10. awww, so cute doggie mo. so fluffy :) visiting from happiness is...

  11. adorable puppy, late visit for happiness is, I hope you could visit me at

    see you!!!

  12. awww, so cute! my family and i would love to have a dog of our own, too...but our place is too small to accommodate one. hopefully, when we transfer to a bigger place... :)

    thanks for visiting!


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