Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Organized Through Clipix

Juggling with my day to day tasks has been a never ending battle.  You see, I'm a working Mom who is having a full time job and is working away from home. Running my household through task delegation and supervising every minute details about my children, finances, budget and more is sometimes very stressful.  This is apart from maintaining three blogs and writing some online tasks.  With this kind of set up, I depend largely on my laptop, compiling all the relevant information I need to keep everything running smoothly.  Doing some researches online, collecting my favorite recipes, reading e-books and even watching my favorite movies and TV programs online had been a routine for me.  Needless to say,  internet has been my life savior.  If not for the power of the world wide web, things will never be this easy.

However, one important aspect of juggling with various tasks is to get yourself organized.  With this thing in mind, I have to make sure that I have a list of my reference sites and those sites that I frequently visit.  Currently, I'm using the bookmark tool in my browser and sometimes, when using another PC, I just resort to taking down notes and listing down the URL of the sites that I would like to visit again in the future.  Good thing that there is now a free online site to help me get organized  instantly.  Clipix is a free online site which offers remarkable ways to organize or "clip" the sites that I found online which I consider to be of great use for me in my future browsing.  With Clipix, you can create clip boards, add titles into these clipboards and organize your reference sites online.  Oh, and the good thing is you can share some of your "clips" with your friends and choose a clip board that is only meant for private reading.  With Clipix, being organized is now as easy as 1,2,3.   Signing up is free and easy, too.
Here's a screen shot of my clip boards:

You may want to visit their site to know more and start getting organized the fun and easy way. Should you join Clipix, please let me know through the comment section what you want to include on your clip boards so I could add you as my friend. 


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  1. Ate Krizza, I've heard of Clipix before. And to be honest, ngayon ko lang naintindihan ang purpose nya lol Anyway, thanks sa pagbisita ha. Miss na kita. Nakabalik ka na ba?

  2. I have about CLIPIX na din way before pero nakalimutan ko. Salamat sa post na ito sis.

    Masubukan nga ang clipix. Kumusta ang bakasyon sis?


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