Saturday, March 3, 2012

Earn From Blogging

Since I first started to blog, I've seen a lot of people getting hooked into blogging. Others do it for fun, some for having an outlet to express their thoughts and sentiments, some for a hobby but I guess, majority is more interested on how to make money through blogging. I've seen a number of stay at home Moms who were successful in making money online. I really admire them for having found a way to earn extra income even while at home. Though I'm still having a corporate job at the moment, I am also looking forward that one day, I can also make a decent income online. That would be very ideal as I don't need to leave my house to earn extra money. There are various ways to earn extra income online. Some bloggers earned through paid posts, sponsored reviews, selling text links or ads space on their sites and some found their way in freelance jobs.

There are so many advantages of working online. First, you don't need to leave your house, you can work within the comforts of your own homes. Second, there's not much capital involved. All you need is a good PC or laptop and a reliable internet connection. Third, you can set your own time so you can still attend to your obligations at home. This is probably the reason why more and more people are getting into freelancing. Why not? The options are endless and the opportunities are great. I would say that patience is the key. You may not get what you want overnight. But, if you have that strong desire to succeed and the patience to wait for the right timing, then I would say that blogging and freelancing is a sure way to earn money online. Just like any other job, it also requires hard work but you maybe surprised in the end as the result is very rewarding.


  1. Hi ate Krizza! It's been a long time na :( Sobrang busy mo talaga kasi wala ng update ang home blog mo. Musta ka na?

  2. Lots of people make money from blogging today. It's good that thoday blogging is available for every one who has access to the Internet, so everything depends on you. Making money online is very convenient, it can be a basic or additional job. If you have a job but wage is not enough so you need to apply for payday advance loans regularly, then blogging can help to make some extra income. I think that in any case it's a good option. Also you do not need to make any investments, only your knowledge and inspiration.


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