Friday, March 23, 2012

Afternoon Walk

Time flies so fast! I'm almost done on my second week in my new job. I would admit that I am so busy lately that I have lesser time for blogging. Somehow, I feel guilty and sad that I cannot return the favor to those who visit me at times. But I was left with no choice. I have other obligations to fulfill and somehow, I am caught in between. Anyway, when I go back to shifting schedule, perhaps I could make a better planning for my daily routine activities. Well...I hope so. I still have tons of paper works to do.

One of the regular activities that I do here in my new place is having a walk every afternoon. My new staff and colleagues just feel refreshed every time we have an afternoon walk. For one, this is a good form of exercise. But the best part is when we do it, we have loads of fun sharing stories while walking down the road and we have the chance to see the beautiful scenery along the way.

Sometime, we would pose for some photo shoots, too.

I'm very much new to this place but somehow it gives me a great pleasure to have that afternoon walk every time and bond with friends and nature.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunch Date At Cocolime!

During the last day of my vacation in the Philippines this month, I was able to treat the whole family out for lunch after the last mass at the San Roque chapel inside SBMA. We have decided to take our lunch at Cocolime since we are familiar with the place and we really like the foods they serve there.

We never failed to order this beef pochero everytime we dine there. The serving is quite big and the soup is really awesome.

Mikz was really overjoyed with the beef pochero soup which is her favorite.

This pinakbet stew is their best seller.

It's our first time to order this Mandarin Chicken.

Oh! Our poor Lucio is waiting for his turn. (lol)

I really admire Lucio. Every time we go out, he was always behaved. He never make any noise when we were in the church as well as in the restaurant.

That lunch date was already a week ago but until now I still cannot get over the memories that I had with my family. Now I'm counting days and months so I could get that chance again to dine with them.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back To Cambodia!

Hi guys! First of all, I would like to say sorry for those who have visited my blog for the "Happiness Is" meme. I felt guilty somehow coz I was not able to return the favor yet. Please give me sometime as I am still busy at the moment. I will be visiting you within the next few days. :)

I thank God for allowing me to go back here sound and safe. It's been a long journey. It took me 5 hrs to travel from Bangkok to Cambodia. Traveling with a back pack and a 30 kgs luggage is no joke. :(

The most important thing is that I didn't encounter any problem along the way. I'm happy enough. I was a bit sad when I left home but I'm okay now. Settling yourself on a new place is not very easy. There's a lot of adjustments to make. I finally met my Boss and colleagues. They were all good. least 90% (lol). I know it's too early to tell but I'm having positive thoughts about it. They are all friendly and accommodating. There are still a lot of things to work out in my new job but in due time, everything will be completed accordingly. The environment here is good. The place is better than the previous one. I was thrilled to think that everything is new to me. New place, new friends, new company, new position and new responsibilities. I am thrilled but I was nervous at first. Well, not about the job but more so about the people I'll be working with. In fact, I've included that in my prayers. I wanted to do my job freely without having any negativity. I was really glad that everything is falling into place. I spent my first two days buying some stuff for my room. Although the accommodation provided by the company was fully furnished, there are still a number of personal things that I need to have. I want to feel comfortable with my new place so I have to get used with everything here. Overall, I was convinced that I made the right decision and I'm happy about it. Thanks God!

Meanwhile, I have to go as I still have to wake up early for work. Will be visiting you all back, soon.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lucio Is Getting Bigger

Time flies so fast, our baby Lucio is now getting bigger. Now, I realized that the comments I have received from my previous post are all correct. It's really relaxing to have a pet like Lucio in the house. My two kids adore him so much. I can see how they take good care of him. Now, we have already introduced him to dog food. His teeth are starting to come out and milk is no longer enough for him. Lucio is getting bigger and funnier. He's starting to entertain all of us in the house. He's so sweet and playful now.

Although, we get to clean his "popooh" every now and then, I guess, the happiness that he brings into the family is priceless.

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Online Marketing Brings Your Business Into Great Heights

It is a well accepted fact that more and more people are spending time online. Whether you are just doing some researches, reading news, using social media networking or doing business online, the fact still remains that the easiest way to reach your target audience is through online. I myself is convinced that internet plays a vital role in connecting with people. There is no doubt that online marketing helps you bring your business into great heights. Online marketing can promote your name, your brand, your product in the easiest way that you can imagine. There are lots of ways to promote your business and your target audience is not only limited into one area or region. Remember that through internet, you are having a world wide exposure.

What makes online marketing more effective than ordinary business marketing is that it is wider in scope, but the best part that I like about online marketing is the ratio of the cost to the reach of the target audience which is a way cheaper than the traditional advertising. Apart from this, more people are now hooked into online shopping due to the many conveniences that it offers. Consumers also have the option to make a research on the product that they wanted to buy through customers feedback and product review sites. Since, the marketing fees are greatly reduced, not to mention the absence of a space to rent, utilities to pay and lesser manpower required to run the business, the cost of the products are tremendously reduced thereby making these more attractive to the consumers.

Each year, more and more businesses are heavily investing and benefiting from online marketing and this only proves the effectiveness of internet marketing as an important tool in providing your business a social media presence making it more accessible to your target audience. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Organized Through Clipix

Juggling with my day to day tasks has been a never ending battle.  You see, I'm a working Mom who is having a full time job and is working away from home. Running my household through task delegation and supervising every minute details about my children, finances, budget and more is sometimes very stressful.  This is apart from maintaining three blogs and writing some online tasks.  With this kind of set up, I depend largely on my laptop, compiling all the relevant information I need to keep everything running smoothly.  Doing some researches online, collecting my favorite recipes, reading e-books and even watching my favorite movies and TV programs online had been a routine for me.  Needless to say,  internet has been my life savior.  If not for the power of the world wide web, things will never be this easy.

However, one important aspect of juggling with various tasks is to get yourself organized.  With this thing in mind, I have to make sure that I have a list of my reference sites and those sites that I frequently visit.  Currently, I'm using the bookmark tool in my browser and sometimes, when using another PC, I just resort to taking down notes and listing down the URL of the sites that I would like to visit again in the future.  Good thing that there is now a free online site to help me get organized  instantly.  Clipix is a free online site which offers remarkable ways to organize or "clip" the sites that I found online which I consider to be of great use for me in my future browsing.  With Clipix, you can create clip boards, add titles into these clipboards and organize your reference sites online.  Oh, and the good thing is you can share some of your "clips" with your friends and choose a clip board that is only meant for private reading.  With Clipix, being organized is now as easy as 1,2,3.   Signing up is free and easy, too.
Here's a screen shot of my clip boards:

You may want to visit their site to know more and start getting organized the fun and easy way. Should you join Clipix, please let me know through the comment section what you want to include on your clip boards so I could add you as my friend. 


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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Earn From Blogging

Since I first started to blog, I've seen a lot of people getting hooked into blogging. Others do it for fun, some for having an outlet to express their thoughts and sentiments, some for a hobby but I guess, majority is more interested on how to make money through blogging. I've seen a number of stay at home Moms who were successful in making money online. I really admire them for having found a way to earn extra income even while at home. Though I'm still having a corporate job at the moment, I am also looking forward that one day, I can also make a decent income online. That would be very ideal as I don't need to leave my house to earn extra money. There are various ways to earn extra income online. Some bloggers earned through paid posts, sponsored reviews, selling text links or ads space on their sites and some found their way in freelance jobs.

There are so many advantages of working online. First, you don't need to leave your house, you can work within the comforts of your own homes. Second, there's not much capital involved. All you need is a good PC or laptop and a reliable internet connection. Third, you can set your own time so you can still attend to your obligations at home. This is probably the reason why more and more people are getting into freelancing. Why not? The options are endless and the opportunities are great. I would say that patience is the key. You may not get what you want overnight. But, if you have that strong desire to succeed and the patience to wait for the right timing, then I would say that blogging and freelancing is a sure way to earn money online. Just like any other job, it also requires hard work but you maybe surprised in the end as the result is very rewarding.

The Joys And Thrills Of Starting Your Own Blog

I've been blogging for more than a year now and I would say that it's really fun! I've discovered the many joys of blogging in such a short span of time. At first, I was clueless. I really don't have any idea on how to start. I can still very well remember how I came across of some blog sites owned by some Filipinas living in Cambodia when I was searching for a particular place which I would like to go in Phnom Penh. Reading their blogs enabled me to discover more places which I've never been to yet. Since, I am also staying in Cambodia for work, reading their blogs helped me a lot. I've been a follower of their blogs, and unknowingly, I began to have that interest on starting my own blog, too. Honestly, I don't know how and where to start. After several weeks of research, I've got an idea on how to proceed. Starting a blog is relatively easy provided that you know what you really want. 

First, you have to think of a particular niche. Something of your interest and passion. This way, it would be easier for you to choose what topics to write on your site. Second, you may want to get your own domain. I think this is extremely important to get your blog a proper representation. Next, you may consider your blog to be self hosted and lastly, you have to concentrate on writing good articles that might be interesting for others to read.

Some bloggers started their own blog just for a hobby, some to polish their writing skills, others to gain online friends, and other to scout for earning opportunities. Whatever your reason is for a starting your own blog, the most important thing is you love what you are doing. It is only from there will you find great interest and enthusiasm to blog and who knows, this may lead to something else in the future. Personally, I enjoyed blogging and the many opportunities it extends to aspiring bloggers like me.

How about you? Would you like to start your own blog, too?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will You Go For Lap Band Surgery?

It is every woman's goal to look at her best and I guess, there's no other way to look better than being able to wear the clothes or outfits that you've always dream of. We have to face the fact that dressing up properly increases our self esteem. We feel more confident if we are properly dressed up for an occasion, for work, for some important events or simply hanging out with friends. If you are over weight, it is more difficult to choose an outfit that would match your size. You would have limitations on the designs and cuts of the clothes that you have to wear and whether you admit it or not, this may caused you to feel upset most of the times.

To address this problem, more and more women are getting into different weight loss programs hoping to get that ideal shape in no time. While others are happy with the result, some were still left unsatisfied. Choosing the right weight loss program is a very important decision on the part of every woman. Of course, we should not only be concerned about looking and feeling beautiful but more importantly, we have to choose the ones that are less risky as we wouldn't like to compromise our health on the process.

Some weight loss programs involves a strict diet plan, some requires extensive physical exercises while others involves more complicated procedures such as surgery. 

Whatever weight loss program that we opted to choose, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the preparations, procedures and tools applied to achieve our desired result. What is applicable to another may not be applicable to you and vice-versa. We have to examine our current health condition, life style, financial standing and routine activities before we get to decide what should be best for us. Some obese woman go for lap band surgery. They may understand the risk of going for one but since ordinary weight loss programs were found unsuitable for them, some women are willing to try other alternatives. Lap band surgery is meant for patients with obesity. Just like any other surgical procedures, there are accompanying risks, thus it is extremely important to examine one's health condition as well as to read and understand the safety information. In the end, the final result always counts. 

Everybody wants a perfect shape and even as other women are not really aiming for a perfect body, it is also important that we are on the right size to project that aura of confidence. 

Some says, "size doesn't matter", but on some occasions, it does.

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