Why Should You Get Your Kid A Dog?

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Why should I get my daughter a dog?

This has been the one million dollar question that I've been asking myself since I got back to Cambodia after my month long vacation in the Philippines last December of 2011. I had a post before here in this blog, entitled "My Daughter's Wish". Little that I know that since I made that post, my daughter has really been expecting too much to get her shitzu pup. Before Christmas, she was expecting that she would get it as her Christmas gift but it didn't turned out that way. Then the following month was her birthday, January 04, but then again, no shitzu pup arrived in the house.

I didn't really pushed myself too much to get one for her coz of so many projects that were long overdue and I just wanted to set my priorities. After all, a shitzu pup is not that cheap, huh?

One day, when me and my son had the appointment with the Doctor for our check up, my son purposely asked me to just walk instead of taking a ride going to my daughter's school. Later only that I realized, that his purpose for doing so was to divert my attention as we will be passing by one pet shop on our way to the school. When he pointed the pet shop to me and asked me to check inside, then I realized that he intentionally planned for it. Perhaps, in collaboration with his little sister, of course. We checked on the pets inside the shop and I almost was tempted to buy. I checked the price, it's a whopping Php8,000 and the shop keeper said the last price would be Php7,000. Still having a strong self control, I didn't buy one that time. I don't want to mess up with my budget.

Now that I'm back to my work, sometimes I would see some cute pictures of shitzu on magazines and online. Now, I have this one million dollar question, "should I get one for her?"

Come to think of it, there should also be quite a number of advantages as to why we should get our kid a pet. The following might be some of the obvious reasons:

1.) Dogs are man's best friend. If your kid has her own pet, she would have a steady companion. The thought of having a cute little bunch of joy who would welcome your kid after coming from school is already a plus factor. Kids might be rushing to go back home instead of roaming around coz they will be looking forward to see their pet at home waiting at the door.

2.) Pets are good stress relievers. When they feel sad or stressful after along day in school, someone is there to comfort them and play with them.

3.) Pets are good for mental health. They said, shitzu are easy to train. They can communicate effectively with their master. Your kids will find ways to interact with them by teaching them some tricks and this will be a good mental exercise.

4.) Kids will learn about unconditional love. Unlike humans, dogs will always be there to love your kids unconditionally with all his/her imperfections. They won't bully or criticize your kids and love them for who they are. They will love your kids without expecting anything in return.

5.) Everybody in the house will enjoy the pet, young and old. It seems that there is an additional member in the family. The dog can entertain everyone in the house and bring such a great joy.

6.) Your kids will be trained to be responsible as they would not only need to take care of themselves now but another valuable member of the family, as well.

Now, I have this idea in mind, I would like to ask my readers and friends.

Would I get one for my daughter?

I will make a promise to myself. If I get at least 15 positive comments saying YES within a week time, I will really buy one without hesitation.(lol)But, if it doesn't reach my quota, then I should totally drop that idea.

Okay, timer starts NOW!!


  1. naku, wawa naman si Mik, the realization of her dream of having a pet lies on the hands of her mom's blogging buddies. lol.

    anyway, maraming alagang shitzu ang mga tita at tito ko sa Pinas. one of them breeds shitzu, and mukhang effective ngang stress reliever for them.

    honestly, medyo matrabaho ang magka dog, especially at start while training. lumaki akong laging may alaga kaming aso, and for some reason, magaling mag train ang father ko, kasi kahit askal natuturuan nya talaga. once naman ma-train mo na ang mga dogs, okei na, and they relate well to their masters. and you know, makaka-feel ka talaga ng pagmamahal from them. gaya nga ng sabi mo, nagiging part na talaga sila ng family.

    ako din, nag-co-contemplate kumuha ng aso pero saka na siguro pag nakalipat kami sa bigger place. ang asong gusto ko eh boxer kasi yun ang nakasanayan kong alaga namin habang lumalaki ako.

    nweiz, mukhang responsible naman si Mik at nakikinita kinita kong hoping talaga syang magkaroon ng pet, for that, boboto akong YES! Go for it, mommy Kriz! ;)

  2. Hahaha! I just want to have fun! Gusto ko malaman what are the opinions of others. Let's say, if you are in my place,will u go for it or not? Gusto ko kabahan si Mika ng bonggang bongga in case mabasa nya itong post ko. Hahaha!

  3. Talaga na-enumerate talaga lahat ng reasons ha. My brother wants to have a puppy pet Pero my mom is still doubtful about it. Hehe. Buti ka pa ate Kriz, go lang ng go. For sure, maeenjoy nila Mikz ang new pet! Supportive mommy!

  4. Hmmm! Mukhang nakakarelate ako sa post na eto. Our family is so attached to dogs.

    At my Mom's house, we now have four with the birth of Buday, half Shihtzu and half Japanese Peach breed. Both Buday's parents are at home too, hehe! Ewoks, our Shihtzu baby will be turning 3 on March 20, and mind you, nagc-celebrate talaga kami pag bday nya. Ang Mom naman ni Buday ay si Rosy, she's a Japanese Peach pup. She's just almost one year pero nga nilalandi ni Ewoks kaya ayon, nanganak ng 4 pero si Buday lang ang nabuhay. Bago dumating si Rosy at Buday, si Ewoks lang talaga yong baby namin kaya he's such a spoiled pup. When he came, we welcomed him like a true family member.

    Welcome to the Family, Ewoks!

    When he gets sick, apektado kaming lahat.
    Ewoks is Sick and Down

    Nong nawala naman si Ewoks, sobrang iyak ng Nanay ko, parang pinagsakluban ng mundo:

    Tears for Fears

    Pero pag birthday nya naman, on party mood kami, LOL!

    Happy 1st Birthday, Ewoks!

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Ewoks!

    Before Ewoks came, we only had Budotz. He is an Askal. Matanda na si Budotz. More than 6 years na ata. I lost count, haha! Pero sobrang loyal neto samin. Sya ang sumasalubong samin pag nasa gate ka na kami ng bahay.

    Now I'll speak with all the advantages of having these pets:

    1. They are great stress relievers. Nong don pako nakatira, gusto ko agad makauwi dahil na-mimiss ko sila. Nawawala ang pagod ko when I play with them.

    2. They are good companions. My mother can attest to that lalo na ngayon na di nako don nakatira at yong isa kong kapatid ay nag-asawa na. 2 nalang sila don ng bunso namin na palaging wala. So most of the time, Mama ko lang ang nasa bahay at ang mga doggies nya. Di nya rin ramdam na wala syang kasama kasi still the usual parin naman yong ginagawa nya: kausapin at alagaan ang mga doggies nya. Take note that she was the one who initially said she will throw out Ewoks out of the house kasi nga ayaw nya ng aso coz both my younger brother and I have asthma. Pero nong kalaunan, sobrang na-attach na sya. Pag may pupuntahan kami, di puedeng di kasama or walang kasama sa bahay.

    3. They can be a bestfriend. Yong mga pets namin, sobrang attached sa Nanay ko. Dahil siguro sya talaga yong nagtyatyaga sa kanila. Nararamdaman ng mga aso yon. Kasi di naman ganon yong attachment nila sakin unlike with my Mom.

    Now as to the disadvantages:

    1. It's real expensive to take care of these puppies. Andami nilang kelangan. Mas mahal pa ang shampoo at mga iba pa nilang anek- anek.

    2. Time consuming. Just like yesterday, nagulat ako kasi di pumasok ang Nanay ko sa work. Yon daw pala, na-late na sya dahil pinaliguan at pinakain pa ang 3 aso. Palaging ganon, when she gets really tardy, walang ibang dahilan kundi ang pag-aalaga nya sa mga aso nya.

    3. High maintenance. Maliban pa sa mahal, kelangan talagang alagaan sila kasi kung hindi, mngangamoy-aso ang maganda mong bahay, hehehe!

    It takes patience and true love for pets for you to take care of one. The master should have the right attitude in order for these pets to be happy with their masters.

    Now the call is yours, Krizz. I am sure Mika can very well handle the disadvantages with your guidance. Pero yong saya na maibibigay nila kay Mika, di kayang pantayan yon. Alam ko, kasi nakikita ko sa Nanay ko eh. Before the birth of Morning Dew, puppies ang mga babies nya. Nong dumating ang apo nya, sila parin ang priority, hahaha! Pero ngayon, pantay na sila, LOL!

    Pasensya ka na sa litanya ko. I hope it will somehow help you on how to decide.

  5. YES! YES! YES!

    I'm Encouraging everyone to please vote YES!
    hahahahahha! :)

  6. YES! You should buy her a pet. Your child's happiness is more worthy than the money you spend.

  7. Hello ate Krizza! Uhm, in my opinion, yes nalang. :) I believe your kids are responsible enough naman and they will be able to take good care of a new pet. Pagbigyan mo na mommy. Hehe. Since they asked for it, why not, diba? :)

  8. Ay jusko mama! Syempre, YES YES YES YES yan! ( counted to ha :P ) Hhahahahaha. Mygoodnes :>

    Pls VOTE YES po. Hahahahaha! Thanks!

  9. A super dooper BIG YESSSSS for Mikz shitzu pup! Kahit nandi umabot ng 15 okay na din... I think Mikz deserves a puppy sa dami ng achievements nya at kahit papanu nakakatulong naman makabawas ng lungkot ang puppy...

    Hindi ka pa ba convinced sa "blogpost comment"' ni Lainy? Hehehe

    Giving Mikz a pet is like giving her an opportunity to be responsible knowing that you expect her to take care of it...

    Go get her one na sis... Hehehe

  10. As of Day 2 ng Voting Period:

    Nakaka- 8 YES Votes na!!!

    May 6 days to vote pa para maka 15.. hehehe. :)

    VOTE na po! :)

  11. This is very nice and sweet dog... A pet that gives you happiness. Very cute....

  12. Can make another YES vote for Mikz sis? Representing my different blogs... Hehehe

    Go, Mikz!

  13. YES to pet for my cousin mikz! pagbigyan nyo na po Tita kaya nila yan alagaan besides you can make your Unica Iha really happy and most importantly you'll given her a chance to be a responsible person..training nya narin yan hehehe! Go Go Go!

  14. Not just thinking of himself

    Even the most seemingly well-rounded kids can still learn a thing or two from animals. Consider the case of Michael Barbosa, a 10-year-old fourth grader at the University of the Philippines (UP) Integrated School. A young achiever, Michael is a math whiz and a bemedaled ice skater who has been representing the Philippines in international competitions since he was nine.

    Mom Rhea Reyes Barbosa, an administrative assistant at UP College of Home Economics, got a definite idea of Michael?s fondness for animals when he was seven. On the way home from school, he insisted that they pick up two abandoned kittens and take them home. ?He told me, ?We can?t just leave them to die,?? recalls Rhea, who raised Michael as a virtual single mom while his father worked as seaman. But die they eventually did, and Michael mourned the kittens for days.

    For his 10th birthday last April, he begged his mother for a pet. ?Since I don?t approve of commercial dog breeding, I suggested that we adopt a dog from the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS),? So from PAWS, he took home Chubby, a feisty white rescued ?asPin? (asong Pinoy).

    Because Rhea and Michael stay in the UP campus during the week, Chubby lives with Rhea?s parents, José and Emilia Reyes, in Pasig, and the boy can?t wait to get home to see his dog on weekends. ?He also got money for his birthday, and he used it to buy Chubby shampoo, a collar, and a leash.? From all indications, the entire family dotes on Chubby, but it?s Michael who has been changed the most, becoming ?happier and more mature,? says Rhea. ?He learned that a dog has to be taken care of. He learned to share; now he always saves some of his food to bring home to Chubby.?

    As an only child, Michael was used to being the family baby and the ?king of the world,? as Rhea puts it, especially for his mother. ?Suddenly he realized there?s somebody else I have to take care of, and it?s not only about him all the time. He has become less possessive of me and my attention.?

    ?My best friend?just like man?s best friend,? Michael answers when asked what Chubby is to him. ?I have best friends in school, but now I have another one.?

    And the most important thing Michael has learned from his pet? ?I?ve learned to not just think of myself all the time,? he says, adding that he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up.

    By Alya Honasan
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 21:48:00 11/11/2008


  15. Haha! Natuwa ako kasi ngayon ko lang to nabasa when Miks came over my home blog and requested to vote YES here.

    MMM.. Dahil umeeffort nang bongga si Miks to have this very cute puppy.. therefore.. I VOTE YEs!!! Krizza! Nuva?! She's a lovely daughter with lots of achievements so she deserves this! Haha.. Ang saya ng blog na to and that little game you have there. Miks is definitely praying every night for this! I love it!!

  16. Mikz:

    This is in reply to your request on my blog, The Fool on the Hill. I believe I already have signified my vote in an earlier long comment ala blogpost, LOL!

    It's definitely a BIG YES!

  17. i used to have a poodle when i was a kid, so big Y-E-S...she will love it. excited for Mik. :)

  18. Another Yes for MIKZ sis...Hehehe

    Todo kampanya na nga si Mikz oh... Go get a puppy na sis please....

  19. Yehey!!! More than 15 Yes votes na Miks! Congrats for your puppy!

  20. Good morning.
    Have a nice day.


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