Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mikz Will Be Getting Her New Shitzu Puppy Soon!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Over the last week, I made a post, Why Should You Get Your Kid A Dog. This is a follow up on my previous post, My Daughter's Wish. I came up with a small fun game on my last post to get the opinion of my blogging buddies and readers. Should I get one for my daughter or not? I need at least 15 positive comments or YES votes to help me decide.

The result? I was a bit surprised from all the reactions/comments that I got. So far, no negative comments. Although there was a detailed comment which I got from a dear blogging friend Lainy and she had gone out of her way to explain everything about the pros and cons of having a shitzu dog. I appreciated her efforts for coming up with one. I'm sure she did spend some of her precious time to give a substantial input to that post. Thanks Lainz! That really helps a lot.

Most of the readers and my buddies go for a YES vote. I'm not sure if they were bribed by Mikz (lol) but, they were all supportive. Even Rovie who was never fond of dogs swing by at my blog numerous times to reiterate her appeal for a YES vote. She even follow up with me on what was the result of that simple game. KM, Algene and Rona had done their share, too. Looks like Mikz is getting a full support from my buddies. Isn't it so sweet Mikz?

Hmmm.... don't want to prolong this post, I'm sure Mikz is very excited to know if she's getting her shitzu pup soon.

Tadah! Congratulations Mikz, You're on your way to getting the shitzu pup of your dreams. You'll be getting it next month. But...please take care of your pet and give him your best love and care. After all, I will be using my online earnings to buy your shitzu (he-he). So please say thank you to my online sponsors (lol).

I fervently hope that I made you very happy with my decision and as a Mom, it's always my wish to see you very happy and contented. After all, you've been a very sweet and nice daughter and you never give me any problems even I'm away from you for some months in a year.

I am looking forward to see your photo with your new pet very soon!

Congrats anak!


  1. Wooohooooo!!!! I am just sooo happy for you pretty Mikz...

    Finally, you're going to have a baby for yourself. Mom Krizza is so sweet and thoughtful!

    Enjoy your new pet... You deserve it, angel.

    Salamat sis for listening to our appeal... hehehe

  2. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Hahahahahahahahaha! Thankyou mama! Sa wakas. After 48 years. I'll have mine na. YES! :D Thankyou! :))

    Thankyou din po sa mga kablogpals ni Mama. Dahil sa inyo nagkashihtzu din ako. Kayo lang po pla ang katapat. Hahaha. THANKYOU PO ng SUPER! :)


  3. I am so happy for you, Mikz! Ayan! Nagbunga din ang pag-ikot mo sa blogs namin para kumuha ng suporta, hehehe!

    I can't wait to see your new Shih Tzu! I love pups! Kahit asthmatic ako, LOL!

    And oh! Thanks so much Krizz for the mention. Walang problema sakin yon basta ba nakatulong para sa pagdedesisyon mo pero siempre go na go ako for Mika to have to have her new pet.

    O sya! Aabangan nalang namin ang bagong post mo pag tungkol sa bagong pet ni Mika ha.

    Hope you had a fab Sunday, Krizz.



    Syanga pala. Nalink up ko na ang 3 blogs mo sa 4 blogs ko palang. Ili-link up ko pa lang sa 4 na blogs ko pa.

  4. Kriz, nakahiga pa ako sa kama at nag-che-check ng blogs sa iPhone ko, pero nung nakita ko 'tong post mong 'to, talagang bumangon ako para kunin yung laptop at makapag post dito. lol.

    Congrats, Mikz!!! Excited much ka na? ;) Can't wait to see pics of your new baby.

    Krizza, when is Mikz gonna get it? :)

  5. ay oo nga, nandyan pala sa post nakalagay. lol. kasi naman wala pa sa uwisyo talaga ang lola mo at inaantok, na-excite lang ako ng bongga nung nakita ko yung title na makukuha na ni Mikz ang aso. haha! ayan tuloy ngayon gising na gising na ako, pwede na mag overtime (without pay) sa work. lol.

  6. Oh ano? Absuelto din ba si KM, Krizz? hahahaha!

  7. wow! seems like somebody is in for a big surprise!

    a visit from kimmy!

  8. @ Rovie, Thank u din Sis sa suporta mo kay Mikz! Masayang masaya talaga ang loka. Hahaha

    @ Lainy, You deserved to be mentioned Lainz. Napaka helpful kaya ng input mo. :)
    Oo nga, nagbunga din yung efforts ni Mikz. Etong si KM kasi ask ako sa shout box when daw makukuha ni Mikz yung puppy. Sabi ko andun sa post ah, siguro di mo tinapos basahin. Hinusgahan ba. Hahaha

  9. congrats to your daughter! =) last month we had our very own shitzu too. it's so cute and very adorable. i am really sure it will be a stress reliever to your family.

  10. Oh that is so sweet Mommy Krizza! Specially when you said, "Congrats Anak" nahit ang puso ko. Ay! super love ko talaga ung little game na nangyari. Kasi with effort tlga si miks to earn yes votes!

    COngrats Miks! We'll all be waiting for your pictures with your new puppy very soon! Sana may blog ka na din para dun na kami mismo uusisa. Right Mommy?

  11. Sis, excited pa naman ako makabasa ng kumento nyo. Tell me anong prob sa comment box so i can fix it right away.

  12. YEHEEEEEEEEYYYY! ansaya! magkakaron na ng kalaro si Luca at si Bantay! pati kami ni Mika! hahaha. :)

  13. Hi sis! Thanks for dropping a note just now. Kagalang galang ba? Haha. I had too kasi naglead ako songs every time magsstart ang sessions. Bidabidahan nga ang beauty ko eh. Haha.

    Gising na gising pa din kami ni hubby. Enjoying the internet speed. At mega ang chat namin ni KM in fb. Saya. Work mode na siya ulit.

    God bless you sis!


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