Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet Lucio - The Newest Member In The Family

Mika's time has come! It's time to fulfill my promise to her. I should, right? After all, it was published in this blog that I will be buying a puppy for her especially after all my blogging friends and other visitors had expressed their support for Mikz to own a shitzu pup.

So, there we are! Last Sunday, I've decided to buy the new puppy for her, as promised. She wanted a male pup and so we got Lucio! I think, he's very cute and adorable so perhaps, Mikz was able to choose the right one for her. Lucio is just a month old. In fact, he is still into milk. He can't take solid foods now as he doesn't have a set of teeth yet (lol). Right now, we are feeding him with NIDO full cream milk as this is what he is already taking before he landed into our hands.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce Lucio, our newest member in the family.....

I guess, Mikz will now have a playmate and friend who could entertain her when off from school. Just timely coz one month more and it's going to be summer break again. At least there's someone new that she can spend time with. Now, I feel relieved as I'm sure that even after I come back to work, Mikz will not feel bored at home.

Good Luck to your new baby and playmate Mikz! I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with him.



  1. yay for Mikz!!! sobrang kyut :D sarap lamutakin ng snout nya :D i'm happy for Mikz 'cause finally she got her much longed for puppy :) i can't wait to see this pup grow into a full-size dog ;)

  2. Kaya naman pala ang bait2 ng mga kids ni ate Krizza, lagi palang wish granted. Hehe :) Anyway, welcome Lucio! Ang cute naman ng name ate Kriz!

  3. Heheh! Wooho! Yahoo! Fireworks for mikz! Ang saya saya ko at ang puppy soooobrang cute! Pwede bang hiramin yan? Balik ko din after a week. Hahaha

    Anyway, thanks sis for telling me! I will call the lbc here. Dito lng naman sa Robinson. Excited Ako!

  4. Congrats Mikz super cute naman ng pet mo!!! Tita swerte naman po nila Mika & Edmar to have a mom like you na very supportive. Idol talaga kita Tita...Love You!


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