Saturday, February 11, 2012

Join The Battle Cry !

Support the "Save Palawan Movement"! Say No to mining!

10 million signatures are needed to deliver a strong message to the Philippine government about the hazards of mining in Palawan. This movement was launched last February 3, hopefully to put an end to the mining activities in Palawan and help protect one of our country's treasures. To know more on how to participate in this campaign, please visit this website:

Please join and be a part of this battle cry. Support the "No to mining in Palawan" movement and help save our environment and our country's pride and treasure.


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  2. naku, i have yet to see Palawan's beauty. wag naman sana ma-destruct ng mining before i get to.

    uy, nawala nga yung pindut ko eh. pero okei lang, tuloy pa din ang party :D

  3. I will definitely join this cause sis...

    A blessed Sunday to you...Kumusta na ang puppy ni Mikz?


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