Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Good Thing About Buying Meat Online

Just recently, the National Meat Inspection Services(NMIS) in the Philippines had tied up with some local government units to upgrade the quality of meats being offered at the public markets. The objective is to protect the public from health hazards brought about by the contaminated meats and from buying "double dead" meats as practiced by some syndicates around the country. As a result, some meats on public market stalls on some areas in Greater Metro Manila had been confiscated by the authorities on the grounds of "improper handling and storage".

I think this is a good move from the government considering that the spread of communicable diseases has been so evident during the past years as a result of contaminated foods being sold on public markets. Honestly, I also have a bit of apprehension when buying meat directly from public stalls as I am much worried about the issue of sanitation. Whenever I go back to the Philippines, I always tried my best to get the meats from reputable meat shops such as Monterey to ensure that only high quality meats are being served on our table. I would admit, that when it comes to pricing, meats sold at Monterey is a little bit expensive than those being offered on public stalls in the market, but I think a few peso difference is not a big deal if you want to talk about health concerns. Proper handling and storage of meats, for me, is very important thus I prefer to go to reputable stores for our meat requirements. Another plus factor is that you can order meats through phone and have it delivered to your homes. However in some countries like the US, there are much better options like ordering meat online. I think it is very convenient for home makers as you are not only assured of best quality meats but you can also avoid the hassles of going to the super markets or meat shops. You also have the option to choose from a wide variety of meats available online or if you want to go for organic meat.

I would always welcome the idea of buying meat online. As a busy working Mom, safety and convenience are my top priorities. If I can hit two birds in one stone, then by all means.

Mom knows best!


  1. sa Toronto, hindi lang meat, pwede ka mag grocery lahat lahat tapos i-de-deliver nila sa'yo yung shinopping mo online ;) hindi ko pa na-try pero okei yun lalo na kung wala kang kotse at medyo marami ang i-g-grocery mo. at least, hindi ka mahihirapan magbuhat at mag-commute :D

  2. Maganda ang move ng government to protect the consumers kaya lang ang hindi sigurado kung anong ginagawa sa mga na confiscate na meat...

  3. Quality meats nga ang binebenta ng Monterey. Madalas din akong bumibili dyan. I simply lurve the idea of buying meats online and other stuff. Matagal ko ng kalbaryo ang pagg-grocery. Pahirapan pa sa pila. Ako lang mag-isa tapos andami ko pang dala. Wala pang sasakyan, nagc-commute lang. Nong una, naeenjoy ko pa. Pero kalaunan, I dread doing it by my lonesome. Para bang kalbaryo, lOL! Naglitanya na naman ako, hahaha!

    Kumusta Krizz? Salamat nga pala sa pag-add ng mga blogs ko ha. I'll do my homework this weekend. May work ba kayo pag Saturday? Ako meron eh, even holidays. :-(

  4. @ KM, alam mo ideal talaga yung mga ganyan na you can oder meats and groceries online tapos ide deliver na lang. Applicable yan sa mga woking moms na kulang na kulang talaga sa oras. Parusa din kasi yung dumaan daan sa super markets pati sa wet markets.

  5. @ Rovie,tingin ko Sis, sinusunog ata nila yung mga confiscated meats.But I am not sure ha. Sabagay may danger nga na baka maibenta ulit pero di naman siguro.

  6. @ Lainy,

    Oo Lainz, okay nga sa Montery kasi nakikita ko na okay talaga yung handling and storage ng meats nila. Secured yung storage nya, walang langaw at alikabok at naka hand gloves lahat ng sales assistants kaya di ganu nahahawak hawakan yung meats. Besides they have their own farm kasi kaya quality meats talaga. Convenient talaga yung online shopping ng groceries and free delivery. Time consuming kasi minsan lalo nat nagmamadali ka.


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