Monday, February 20, 2012

Crazy Deals At Zenni's !

For somebody like me whose eyes are the dominant organ of the body being used at work, it's not quite surprising that I am now having a corneal irregularity in my vision. I am suffering from near-sightedness for so many years now. Currently, I'm using contact lenses which I do alternate with eye glasses on some occasions. My daughter who is likewise suffering from near-sightedness had been wearing her trendy eyeglasses for 3 years now. We must admit, eyeglasses are getting quite expensive now a days especially when you are looking for something that's comfortable and a perfect fit. Good thing that there are affordable eyeglasses being sold online at Zenni Optical. 

Wearing eyeglasses now should not be a sickening experience. At Zenni Optical, they are offering rock bottom prices for prescription eyeglasses. Imagine a $6.95 prescription eyeglasses? With that price, you can wear glasses in style and even regularly update your prescriptions or if you are the fashionable type, you can even buy a dozen pair at one time with all those colors to match your outfit. It's really a steal! If your concern is the quality of the frames or glasses being used, there's nothing to worry because the positive feedback from Zenni Optical's returning customers can proved the product's quality and durability. This, on top of the convenience for having your eyeglasses delivered right at your home at a reasonable shipping fee. Ordering is relatively easy, you just have to get your measurements and prescription from your eye doctor, log on to their website, register an account, enter all the required information and the payment details and you are set to receive your new pairs of eyeglasses within a week or two.

Getting durable stylish eyeglasses are now even more affordable with the ongoing promo of buy 2 take 1 free. I think, it's worth a try!

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  1. Same here, Krizz. Myopic ka rin pala. Ang hirap no? I have been a lasik candidate for years na. KAso ang plano ko, when I reach 40 pa.

    Ang hirap talaga pag may sira sa mata. 1000 na ang eye grade ko kaya ang kapat at ang bigat pa! Though naka-high index sya, mabigat parin.

    I wear contacts naman at day time and glasses at night time. 13 years na akong nagc-contacts kaya medyo napagod na rin ang mga mata ko. Datirati, nagtatagal ng hanggang one year sakin hanggang sa umikli na sa 2 months ang life span ng contacts. My ophthalmologist recommended o2 optix kasi mas matindi daw mag-produce ng o2 at nare-retain ang wetness sa mata. I have yet to try it. Sana nga magtagal yon sa mata ko kasi di ako komportable na naka eyeglasses dahil nga sa kapal at bigat.


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