Monday, February 27, 2012

Bonding Time

My first two days in the Philippines were spent sleeping and having dinner outside with the family. My first day, I slept the whole day. I arrived past 10AM last Friday after a long night of non stop trips by plane and by bus. I was really tired but I need to fulfill my promise to my family. I promised to treat them at Sam's Pizza Haus for a late dinner. We were a bit disappointed because the band who was supposed to perform that night was not around and was replaced by another band whose performance was not really that remarkable. At any rate, we have to make the most of our family bonding time. We ordered quite a lot. Whole chicken in a wicket, jumbo size combination pizza, 2 orders of pancit bihon, 1 order of spaghetti, a pitcher of Coke and beers. I think this is quite a lot for 6 people. Me, my husband, two kids, my Mom and our house helper Ate Elsa. In fact, we were not able to finish the pizza and chicken. The jumbo sized pizza was quite big and we were only able to finish half of it. I wasn't able to take some pictures though as we were all excited to eat as soon as our order arrived on the table (lol).

Hubby didn't eat much, maybe because he was a bit tired too, since he came all the way from Manila to pick up his plane ticket and some documents from their office. We've enjoyed drinking though. I took frozen strawberry daquiri while hubby drink San Mig Light quite a lot. Even Ate Elsa was forced to drink, too. :)

We went home quite late, almost 12 midnight. If not for the fact that my husband was a bit drunk already, we should have gone to play slots for a while. Well, I still managed to play electronic BINGO for few games (lol) before we finally went home.

My first day in the Philippines was a bit okay although I was really complaining of my body pains non stop. No photos to share this time but will definitely share some on my future posts.'s getting late, time to sleep.



  1. hey krizza! glad to hear your having a good bonding time with family, especially your hubby during your visit this time :) looking forward to hear more of your bakasyon kwento and of course, pictures! they must all be happy to have you back again in such a short span of time, no? lalo pa na hindi expected yan ;)

    don't worry about joining Happiness Is meme. enjoy mo lang time mo dyan. keep us posted with how your vacation goes, kasi alam mo naman maraming chismosa *ehem, una na ako* dito mahilig makiusyoso ;)

    God bless!

  2. Hello Sis! Believe naman ako sa energy mo talaga kahit super pagod ka at walang tulog sige labas pa rin LOL! Anyway, I'm happy for you and to your family at least nakasama mo na naman silang muli. God bless you and your family always.


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