Saturday, January 14, 2012

Xtremely Xpresso

The last day before I take my trip back to Cambodia, I was able to spend one fine afternoon with my daughter at Xtremely Xpresso Restaurant inside SBMA. This is one of the best restos in Subic and they specialized on pizza, pasta, western dishes and a good selection of coffee. I had mentioned on my previous post that Meat Plus, also inside SBMA has always been Mikz favorite place to dine, but this time, both of us agreed to try Xtremely Xpresso as I haven’t gone to this place yet. Well, Mika had been there one time with her classmates and teachers and she told me that they’ve really enjoyed the pizza. She said one order of the large pizza can feed about 10 to 12 people as this is really big and one slice is enough to make you full. Nonetheless, the reason for going there is not just to try their foods but because it’s Mikz birthday. Although we had already celebrated it by throwing a simple party at home with her classmates and friends, we just can’t have enough. After all, this also marked the end of my vacation and wanted to spend the day meaningful. We can’t bring along his brother as the latter had an important matter to attend in school, so it was just the two of us, mother and daughter team.

The place is quite huge. You can choose to stay inside the building or you can choose to stay at their outdoor area which I find really relaxing and the ambiance was really cool! It’s just like a garden setting and I was really delighted to see that there is a water feature in front.

After spending sometime trying to figure out what we have to order, we’ve decided to order a small sized pizza which according to the waiter is god for 4 persons but he assured us that we can take out what would be left, so it should be no problem. I actually wanted to order an all vegetable grilled sandwich but I just obliged to what my daughter craves for. We choose the all cheese pizza. I wanted to try their coffee so I ordered for a café latte which was a recommendation from the waiter. My daughter is not much into coffee so she settled for their special iced tea.

We wanted to see a movie after that afternoon snack but we've just decided to watch a DVD movie at home so we could be with his brother and grandma.

It was just a simple celebration on one simple afternoon but the memories of every place that we've been to during my December vacation will always linger on.


  1. Looks like you both had a great time sis. Ang pretty at chinita naman pala ni Mika...

    By the way sis, natanggap ko na yung pinadala mo kay Algene. I'm so touched. Sobrang salamat talaga sis...

    Gandang-ganda ganda ako pati si Algene... Hehehe

  2. Hello Sis! Thanks for your comments about Mika. Talagang pinatataba ko nga ngayon yan eh. Kasi namayat sya mula nagkasakit last month. Hope maka recover. We really had a great time at Xtremely.

    Sis, sensya na dun sa souvenir ha. I'll score a better one next time. God Bless!

  3. their logo kinda looks like starbucks.

  4. Oi sis ha... walang pasensya doon sa souvenir mo sobrang ganda kaya...

    Thanks so much. I hope nakapag adjust ka na mula sa bakasyon...

  5. That is a big slice indeed. How's their coffee? Is it good?

  6. @ Slas, thanks!

    @ Ile Odarod, yeah, I noticed that one also. :)

    @ Aileen, Yeah, the coffee was good! Actually, I'm a coffee drinker, :) Thanks for the visit!

  7. @ Rovie, Thanks Sis at nagustuhan mo kahit papaano. The truth is nahihirapan ako pumili for u dahil alam ko hindi ka ganu kikay like us. You're a very simple person kasi at di ko talaga alam kung anu magugustuhan mo eh. :)

  8. Wow, mom-daughter bonding. The experience is indeed a memorable one.!
    Ginutom ako pgkakita sa big pizza! :) yummy!

  9. Looks like a nice place and I love coffee..

  10. I love coffee. This is a very nice place you've been through...

  11. @ Menchie, yes it is Mench! Thanks for the comment.

    @ roffe, Wow! really, I am a coffee drinker too.

    @ Limousine Hire Melbourne, yes it is indeed a very nice place to unwind and relax. :)

  12. daming mommy-daughter bonding time ng visit mo ah :) sweet talaga ni mommy krizza ^^

    ganda nung parang water fountain facade nung coffee store. kaka-attract talaga ng customers yan, lalo pa sa tulad mong mahilig sa interior design ^^ kaaliw pati nung malalaking coffee mugs kung saan nag-f-flow yung water :D


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