Monday, January 2, 2012

What's In Store For 2012

Few days before the new year’s eve, I was having a sore throat and could hardly talk. I was coughing and eventually lost my voice. Maybe because of the cold weather here in the Philippines during the month of December and I was constantly out of the house most of the days. Luckily, my sickness did not progress to a more complicated stage but I was feeling irritated over the past few days because of not feeling well. At any rate, life has to move on, I have to fulfill my obligations in the house and have to attend to my family. I was still able to cook few dishes for our “media noche” although in between, I have to go to bed to take a rest. I was in medications for the past week and this made me lazy to work on so many things. Nonetheless, the simple birthday celebration of my daughter Mika was able to push through as planned on January 02. Her actual birthday is on January 04 but she requested to celebrate it earlier so she can ask her classmates to come to the house and celebrate with her as classes will resume the following day.

As I woke up early today and feeling a little bit better, I had the chance to sit in front of my laptop and my random thoughts had brought me to write entries in my journal and also to come up with this post. Pardon me for my random thoughts. This might be the result of my post sickness blues. 

Anyway, I was just thinking, “What is in store for me for 2012?” To be honest, I have helluva of things going on my mind. I have pending projects unresolved from 2011, some commitments that have to be faced, the deteriorating health of my Mom, the growing needs of my kids, my husband’s sudden decision to change job and the uncertainties I faced, career wise. 

A couple of days from now, I would be going back to my job site and will face life’s new challenges. I don’t actually know how to begin the year right but I was thinking that if I have to begin the year, I have to begin it with positive thoughts and positive energies. I have to think that I will be able to do all my projects and that things will fall into places just the way I planned it.

For whatever it takes, I have to believe that good things will come my way and that this year will be a better one for me.

With God's grace. It will!



  1. Good things will always come to the good persons like you. I wish for a happy 2012 ate Kriz. Cheers!

    Anyway, ito sana post ko sa cbox mo pero there's something wrong eh. I can't post this eh, one message lng daw kasi every ten minutes. Bakit?

    Hello ate Krizza. Anong nangyari sa cbox mo sa Home Sweet Home? Nasira? Sorry talaga ha at medyo nabusy ako these days :p Advance happy birthday sa kiddo mo! Sana maging happy rin siya bukas.. San na pictures ng handaan? Hahaha

  2. Oh No! I am sad that you're feeling sick right now, Krizz. Pagkatapos ko, ikaw naman. Ganito siguro talaga ang buhay ng mga busy-busyhan, LOL!

    Anyways, I hope you get well quick. As for your plans for 2012, I know you can achieve them all. You are a person of great strength and optimism. I so admire you for being the woman that you are. I am sure you'll be able to conquer whatever your plans are for 2012.

    Cheers for a better and exciting 2012!

    HAppy New Year! HUGS!

  3. I hope you get better soon sis... Feeling a little uncertain about what life would be this 2012 is just normal and I think healthy because you are somehow starting to foresee and plan things out for yourself and for your family...

    Just don't let it worry you... you are right sis, just think positive. If you survived 2011, I am sure 2012 will be more blessed for you and your family...

    Let us welcome 2012 with a positive attitude surely good things is in store for all of us...

    Happy New Year! Hugz!

  4. Bakit nga ba pag nagbabakasyon or balikbayan sa Pinas, karamihan eh nagkakasakit, no? Ako naman eh super bagsik na sore eyes ang kumapit sa mata ko hanggang ngayon medyo blurry pa din pero getting better na din. I hope ikaw din maka fully recover na. Belated happy birthday pala sa maganda mong dalaginding na si Kriza :)

    Worry not so much about what lies ahead. Cast your cares unto the Lord for He cares for you :) By God's grace, 2012 will turn out better for all of us ^^

    Ako naman, what's in store for me in 2012? Mag-o-open ako ng meme sa blog ko. Haha! I hope you can join in the fun once it's up and running na ha? Hopefully masimulan ko sya this weekend ^^ See you there, ah! ;)


  5. Dumadalaw dito sis... Linking you up as FC on Macky's blog...

    Thanks so much!

  6. Hey Krizz! Kumusta na? I hope you are feeling a lot better today. Are you taking any meds? Kelan nga pala ang balik mo sa work mo?

    Birthday pala ng dalaga mo. Belated happy bday sa kanya. Aabangan ko nalang ang blog post mo about sa celebration nyo dyan.

    Ingat parati!


  7. Sis ang hirap ata mag post message sa shoutbox mo? Hehehe

    Daan lang dito. Kumusta ka na?


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