Friday, January 13, 2012

What's In My List For 2012?

Time flies so fast, we are nearly half of January 2012. Well...instead of coming up with a new year's resolution, I think I would love to share what's in my list for 2012. I am a bit conscious to have this published in my personal blog. What if I failed on my goals for this year? What if none of the things listed here materialized? Shame on me! But wait, these are only my personal goals and if in case I failed, then there's always another year to look forward to. Actually, every start of the year, I am always listing down my goals but this is my first time to publish it and make it known to everyone. When I list down my goals, I am not actually putting pressure on myself. Rather, I take it as an inspiration, something to motivate me and keep me going. Having goals helps me focus on my work and pushes me to be more productive. This allows me to put a challenge to myself.

Now...without further ado, here's my goals for 2012:

1.) Focus on my health. I have to stick with my Executive check up twice a year. Get some vaccines, if possible. Try to be more physically active or do some exercises daily even for 30 mins.

2.) Reactivate my SSS contributions. I have stopped with my contributions since I stopped working in the Philippines and work overseas. I am currently contributing to Phil Health and PAG IBIG, so I might as well complete the list. Anyway, I am the one who will benefit from this later. :)

3.) To finish my amortization for my third lot, so I could get hold of the Lot Title soon. This is going to be my third investment in real estate and I wish to have everything completed within this year.

4.) To push through with my shelved project for last year which is to change the entire roofing of our first house that's currently being rented out. This is quite a major repair and I know that it would costs me big "bucks". But since this is quite urgent, I'm praying to have it done before the next rainy season.

5.) To have additional canopy in place on my house where we currently stay. I guess, we badly needed this because of the unpredictable weather in the Philippines.

6.) To have another family vacation either local or international. Well...we had it last year at Hoh Chi Min City in Vietnam and I promised the kids to have at least one every year. But to where we are going depends on our budget. (lol)

7.) To cook more and bake more. I am a frustrated cook and baker, but I think it's not yet too late to improve my hands on this. (*winks*) It's really my dream to bake good cakes and pastries and to cook more Asian dishes.

8.) Finally, to have my new blog for 2012. It's going to be my third blog. That's the least I could have at the moment. Having a full time job combined with blogging and some online tasks is not so very easy. For this item on my list, consider it done. I have already started with it and I'm just currently working on my new domain.

Well....can I make it? I'm not so confident but I have to focus ahead and think positive.

Good Luck Krizza!


  1. Can you make it? The answer is a big YES with flying colors... Kayang kayamo yan sis...

    Thank you for sharing your 2012 goals with us. We will help you pray for the accomplishment of all your goals...

    God bless your plans... Hugs!

  2. hey, krizza, these are great plans! bilib talaga ako sa'yo when it comes to listing down and organizing especially to-dos and goals to pursue. ang dami ko din talagang napupulot na tips and tricks sa'yo ;) congrats sa iyong mga investments. nakaka-tatlo ka na pala! tig-isa isa na kayo ng mga anak mo nyan, who also took after your organizing and designing skills. kakatuwa naman :)

    i hope and pray that at the end of 2012, you got to cross off all those plans you listed above. but then, you know, if hindi mo man ma-kumpleto, as long as you tried your best, oh well, pwede naman idagdag sa 2013 plans, di ba? ;)

  3. @ Rovie, thank u Sis! your prayers will mean a lot to me. :) Di ko sure kung kaya pero kakayanin. Hahaha!! God Bless u too Sis!

  4. @ KM, Hahaha! Talagang di mo sinali yung husband ko sa pag divide ng properties ah. Hahaha!Talaga sigurong natural sa akin yung pagiging organized. Student pa lang ako, ganyan na yung ways ko. Mahilig kasi ako sa multi tasking kaya natutunan kong mag lista lista para walang nalilimutan. Hahaha! Kakambal ko na ata ang pen at planner. Anway, sana nga may napupulot ka sa akin kahit papano, I'm happy to share my tips.:)

  5. I know ate Krizza na you will make it! Ikaw pa :) Hindi ka pala cook? Hindi ako naniniwala kasi impressive naman yung hinanda mo for Myk's birthday.. I also want to bake more cakes and pastries! Yun kasi talaga hilig ko eh.. Anyway, good luck for the 2012 ate Kriz. Go! :)

  6. Great plans...I couldn't agree more with items 1 and 2...very important, and more so during retirement age. You will definitely benefit from that, so the sooner you get it done, the better. :-)

  7. @ Algene, Thank u for that wonderful trust Algene! I also hope that I can make it. Nagluluto din ako but I just wanted to improve more especially sa baking. Thanks for the visit! :) Hugs!

  8. @ Aileen, Thank for that substantial input Sis! Thanks for the love and support! Will return the favor! :)

  9. all the best luck for your plans. im sure you can all do it. and your list reminds me also to update my SSS membership. i've lost tracked and haven't been updating it for two years na..

    PS, I've been backreading your blog and you've got me interested in duty free shopping sa border. hmmm, baka i-nag ko si hubby gusto ko pumunta at maghoard ng kung ano ano.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. @ Lui, Thanks for dropping by here Lui and for reading my previous posts. Sana nga...I wish that I could accomplish all that's on my list. Yeah, reactivating our SSS is really important at parati ko ito nalilimutan or napapabayaan asikasuhin. I hope I could find time for this now. By the way, about the duty free shopping sa boarder. Go and try it. Madami dung great finds. Madai dami na din akong napamili dun over the years and I guess they are really good buys. Good luck! :)


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