Friday, January 20, 2012

What Makes Diamond Engagement Rings Stand Out?

During my vacation last month, I was invited by my friend to her sister's wedding. It was a garden wedding and was held at one of the finest hotels in the city. Everything was perfectly set up and the venue was tastefully decorated. The wedding's color motif was golden yellow and every table at the reception was adorned by a beautiful centerpiece consisting of yellow and white roses. According to my friend, her sister really adores roses and would always buy from the flower shop or at the market whenever she had the chance even without occasion. For this wedding, their flowers which consist mostly of yellow and white roses were all ordered from a flower farm in Baguio City. Well, it took them six months to plan and prepare for the wedding. No wonder, everything seems to be well organized and coordinated. Everything, from the venue, wedding invitations, souvenirs, foods, bride's wedding gown, groom's wedding suit as well as the gowns and suits of the whole wedding entourage were carefully chosen. My friend's sister had been scouting for a fabulous wedding gown as early as February of last year and has been very choosy as to the materials for the gown. She's really aiming for a perfect wedding.

My friend said, she was even consulted by her sister and her groom for their wedding ring. Well, her sister already had her diamond engagement ring a year before the wedding and she advised her sister that perhaps, it would be nice if they could also have a made to order diamond wedding ring to match her whiteflash engagement ring.

I have personally known the bride to be somewhat very fascinated with jewelry and his groom was very well aware of it and as the song goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend, the groom didn't think twice to get for her a diamond engagement ring. Not only that, they both decided to follow my friend's advice and ordered diamond wedding ring, as well.

While we were waiting for the ceremony to begin, my friend Mia recalled how her sister reacted the night after she got her engagement ring. She said her sister cannot contain the excitement and happiness upon having a glimpse of that beautifully crafted diamond engagement ring which was carefully placed in a beautiful small box. It was her sister's birthday when the wedding proposal was made. They had a romantic dinner at the same restaurant where they had their first date. According to Mia, her sister never expected that she would receive such a beautiful ring. She was thinking that an ordinary engagement ring will do. But she was wrong, her boyfriend, now her husband had been looking for the best one for her without her knowledge. The groom had chosen for her the solitaire ring design which was just perfect. Mia's sister so loved it!

Sometimes, I just wonder why women are so fascinated with diamonds. Perhaps because this has been the symbol of love and long lasting relationship. I told my friend Mia that for me, diamond engagement rings are perfect. These are often hand crafted with a personal touch from the designer. The production is precise and the designers normally choose a particular design with much concentration to make the design stand out among the rest. Now a days, grooms often choose a carefully crafted diamond engagement rings for their brides to be because they are aware of the fact that this is every girl's dream. After all, the ring will be worn by them at all times in their lives.

The setting and the shape of the diamonds can show a woman's individuality and class. Thus, it is often advised that grooms to be should seek for a brilliant designer who could make their engagement ring a head turner. A design that is unique and special and can withstand the test of times. You can never go wrong with diamond engagement rings. 

After all, diamonds are forever!


  1. super agree! diamonds are a girl's best friend ;) usually naman there's a wedding ring to match the engagement ring. ganun din ginawa kasi namin ni vince. we got my wedding ring sa same store where he got my engagement ring. gusto ko nga sana may diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet din para isang set na, kaya lang abusado na ata ako nun. haha! sa 10th wedding anniv ko na lng siguro i-re-request. lol.

    congrats sa raket! kagigising ko pa lng pero nagko-komento na dito. hehe!

  2. I also have the same question in mind ate Kriz. Why are women fascinated with diamonds? Lately ko lang na-realize na, simply because it's beautiful. It represents love and elegance.


  3. @ KM, wow super duper fabulous ka pala with your diamond engagement and wedding ring on the day of ur wedding. Kakaloka! Tama ka, antay antay ka muna bago humirit ng another set of diamond jewelries from Vince. Timing is very important! (lol)

  4. @ Algene, Yes tama ka dyan Algene, very elegant talaga ang diamonds. It's really class and elegant. Don't worry you can have that someday, on your wedding perhaps. :)

  5. Elegant talaga ang diamonds but parang ako na yata ang walang hilig sa jewelry... hehehe

    Siguro influence ng job at profession ko kasi usually sa work before bawal ang mga mag wear ng jewelry...

  6. @ Rovie, Oo nga Rovs, pansin ko nga na wala kang hilig sa mga kakikayan. Talagang very simple ka at di ka nga talaga domesticated. Di kaya nung past life mo Sis, eh boy ka? Hahaha! Joke lang ha.But diamons are really special at walang babaeng di mata touch pag naka receive nito as a gift.

  7. Ang ligalig ng reply ni Krizza sa comment ni Rovie! Hehe :D

  8. Whiteflash has some wonderful collection of diamond jewelries.. I recently purchased a vintage diamond ring from whiteflash.. the shipping was excellent so as the ring!!


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