Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Night At Sam's

Few days before my departure from the Philippines, I did treat the family for a special night at Sam's Pizza House. This has always been a part of the list of my activities every time I go back for my vacation. This place is really a good place to hang out with family and friends. This is the reason why the place is usually crowded every time we go there. Apart from the good food, the live band had so much to offer to keep you entertained all night long.

We were only 5 people that time but I ordered quite a lot. My daughter Mikz wanted to have some pizza for take out so I decided to order the family size which is so far, the largest size.

The huge pizza that we ordered. This is our favorite flavor, "Manager's Special"

Chicken in a basket. I actually ordered the whole chicken. It comes with a bit of french fries and few slices of buttered toasted breads. But at the time that we shot this picture, the chicken is almost finished (lol). The chicken here is a best seller. It's really juicy and yummy! I also ordered "pancit bihon" and spaghetti.

My son was already full at this time and was busy watching the show.

Our house helper, Ate Elsa was also with us. I brought her along as a treat for her hard work. This is how I motivate her (lol). Well... she looks so happy that night.

The wacky band with their wonderful performance. This group never fails to entertain me every time I go to Sam's. They usually have their shows every Mondays and Fridays, thus we always go there either on those 2 days.

Pardon me for the shots shown here. It's a little bit dark inside and there was a huge crowd.:)

Overall, we ended up the night happily. We have some left over pizza that we bring home that night (lol). My Mom who initially didn't want to come with us also enjoyed the night. But, I was the happiest of them all as once again, I was successful to draw a smile on those faces which really made me feel fulfilled and contented.


  1. Aww! At tumulo ang laway ko kakatitig sa paborito kong pizza, haha! Sarap naman, Krizz. I am sure the kids and Ate Elza had loads of fun that night. Not only coz of the food but also coz of the performers. ;-)

  2. Ayy...oo nga pala favorite mo nga din pala ang pizza. Sarap talaga ng pizza nila dito Lainz.More than 30 years na itong Sam's pero wala pa ring kupas sa dami ng customers. I think yung secret nila ay yung pizza at yung chicken nila na talaga namang one of a kind ang lasa. You bet nag enjoy talaga lahat pati ang aming si Ate Elsa.

  3. Ang sarap naman. Saka all-in-one ito dahil may live band pa ;) Para ngang ang sarap nung chicken eh. Hehe! Si ate Elsa eh hindi lang mukhang happy, mukhang blooming din ^^ Galing nyo mag-alaga ng helper kasi hindi sya mukhang na-ha- haggard, promise :)

  4. bumisita at imagine ko na lang na tumikim sa masarap na pagkain he he he

  5. Tama si KM. I am sure happy si Ate Elsa sa inyo, Krizz.

    Muling nagbabalik dito. Baka di ako makadalaw ng ilang araw. I am advised to be confined at the hospital by the Doc. Ayoko sana pero ang fiance nagpumilit.

    See you when I get back.

  6. @ Geotayo, salamat sa pagbisita. Busugin mo mata mo ha. Hahaha

    @ Lainz, Oh my Gosh, what happened to u again, Lainz? Medyo nadadalas ata pagkakasakit mo ah. Whatever it is, please take care and hoping that you'll get better, soon. Hugz!

  7. Sis! I love pizza! Pinaglaway mo ko sa pic na yan! Pahingi naman! haha.

    Badge lang pala, sure! Just email me about dun sa itatanong mo.

  8. Medyo mabilis na siya sis. Ok lang. Just give me the url of your new blog and I'll do the badge anytime


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