Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leaving My Foot Prints Behind

Few hours from now, I would be leaving my home once again to take my flight back to my job site. Contrary to what I felt when I was about to take my flight back to the Philippines last December 12, I was feeling a bit melancholic and not so excited to take my trip. How I wish I could stay longer to attend to my kids and my Mom who is currently not feeling well. I myself is also a bit sick having cough for more than a week now. In other words, I'm not comfortable to travel now. But what can I do? Life has to move on. I have some obligations left behind but I also have some commitments to fulfill at work.

I had fond memories of my vacation, that's one thing for sure but I just felt it's not enough. Yesterday was the actual date of my daughter's birthday and even we had already celebrated it last January 2 by having a simple party at home with her friends, I still asked her to celebrate her actual birthday with me. I fetched her from school to have an early dinner with me outside. It was just the two of us and the time was perfect to catch up with her and to make some "bilins" as I have to leave today.

There is a good side and a bad side of being an OFW and I guess, I have to live with it. Anyway, I've been doing it for years. But even though that this was already my routine for the past few years, the feeling still keeps on recurring. The boredom, homesickness and the mixed emotions that I always felt every time I have to leave home can be compared to a drop of the rain in our windowsill. Something that's never new. Something familiar that keeps on happening about two to three times a year which I can't overcome.

My only consolation was perhaps, the fact that I was able to spend Christmas and New Year with the family and of course, the fact that I was here to personally cook the foods on my daughter's birthday. I guess, that's more than enough.

I wanted to thank all my blogging friends who never failed to catch up with me during these times that I was at home and was not full time online. I will be very visible again in the blogosphere in the coming days and I hope to get some inspiration from all of you.

I am leaving my foot prints behind, but I will be bringing with me the happy memories of my vacation.



  1. Have a safe trip, Krizza. I can totally relate with you. Lungkot na lungkot din ako nung umuwi ako, pero like you said, life must go on. Kelangan lang lakasan ang loob, and pray for another vacation soon :)

    God bless. Hugs!

  2. Kaya pala, medyo quiet ka these days ate Kriiz.. Busy ka pala for the preparations. I'm sad na you're leaving for work. Ang bilis naman. I'm glad nagkng sulit nga vacation mo. You had a perfect Christmas and New Year with the family. And most importantly, you were there on your kid's special day.

    Hope to hear from you, soon!

  3. Oh! Nakakalungkot naman ang post na eto, Krizz. Didn't know you're set to depart to go back to your job site again.

    Fret not. You have wonderful kids. I know they will be fine. Yon nga lang, mahirap talaga din yong malayo sa isa't-isa. Magpagaling ka and may you have a safe trip.


  4. Have a safe trip back to Cambo sis.

    Kahit hindi ko pa naranasan maging OFW ramdam na ramdam ko ang pinagdadaanan mo sis. Praying that you overcome everything although I know it is not easy.

    You are a strong woman and you can make it. God bless you.

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  6. Are you now back in Cambodia, Krizz? I hope you have now fully recovered and is all geared up to go back to work.

    Stay safe!

  7. Homesick? I hope you'll get over it soon. It's normal for OFW's to feel that way every time the family is left behind. I believe, you'll be okay with all the wonderful memories the past month. God bless.


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