Monday, January 30, 2012

How Do You Spell SUCCESS?

Got this image from my facebook wall and this brought me to ponder on the message written. How do we really spell success? Well...I guess you are already aware that I am not referring to the the actual spelling of the word success, rather I am referring to how do we treat those opportunities and failures as they come our way. 

More often, we would come to a point in our lives where we really have nothing, as in no accomplishments, no savings, no investments, no new gadgets, no new things, no friends, no opportunities waiting and when we reach this point in life, the question would be, "How do you manage when you have nothing?"

I remembered a saying, "Our happiness depends not on the quality of life that we have but on what is our attitude towards life." We are happy if we think we are! In today's world where our daily lives is often surrounded by material things, we have the tendency to depend on wealth as the source of our happiness. I would admit, I was once hooked into getting new gadgets every now and then, having signature perfumes, bags and accessories but later in life, my desire for these things died naturally. Well...there are times when I still get fascinated with these but the difference is I have a better "self control" now. Would I say self control or self discipline? Whatever it is, the point is, I guess I have already reached that part where I am in a better position to prioritize things. least, things that matter most to me. Now, I am not in a rush to get the latest gadget in town. Although at times, I would say I can afford it, but I would rather spend it for something that never fades or never devaluates. Something like spending for a quality time with my family like going for a vacation somewhere or spending it for the improvement of our house where everybody would benefit. I find this to be more meaningful. I guess, I became less selfish now. Before I spend, I would always tell myself, "If I buy this, I would be happy, but if I spend this for this thing, all of us will be happy." Afterwards, I would make my final decision. I still buy for myself, for sure, but I mellowed down a lot.

Now going to the second one, "The way you behave when you have everything". I guess this has something to do with, how do we value our work? How do we value our earnings? How do we value the important people in our lives? This all boil down to our behavior towards life. I've known a lot of people in the past who had reach that peak in their career where they earn really quite big and later on, everything simply vanished. Why? Maybe because they cannot control their spending. They find more ways to spend their money. Be it endless shopping, gambling and anything you can think of. An old folk once told me, if you love and value your earnings, this will also love you in return. Well, this is hypothetical but reading in between the lines, I know what he meant, we work hard to earn, so it's just right to value the fruits of our labor. Spend according to our needs. Do not let our hard earned money be put into waste. Do not spend like there is no tomorrow. Until now, I still remember what does that message implies. 

Now, I am slowly training my kids to value their "hard work" and to put the fruits of their labor into good use. I have one practice as a Mom that I would like to reveal here. I let my kids keep the money intended for their tuition fees after they get their scholarship. I tell them, they became scholars because of their hard work and I take it like they earned their school fees, as a result. Now these become their savings which they can put into good use later on. I never encourage them to spend this "hard earned" money for buying and spending on fancy things. I am encouraging them to keep it first and invest it later. I am training them this early to be responsible in handling their finances. 

This way, I can be assured that they will grow up to be responsible people. Success, I guess is how we make things happen.

Sharing my thoughts for the day! 



  1. very good thought to ponder, krizza! these two things should go hand in hand because life, as we know, is full of ups and downs. learning both will definitely help in achieving success ;)

    kaya pala ako nagpalit ng Fibox, kasi tingnan mo yung Fibox mo, hindi nag-a-appear :D dami nagsasabi na nahihirapan daw sila mag leave ng message sa Fibox ko kasi tinotopak madalas, kaya yun pinalitan ko na finally ^^

  2. Well said KM! Thanks for that substantial input!

    Hmm...pinalitan ko na din Fibox. Unreliable nga.

  3. This is really absolutely true...that's why people who succeed have always good attitude towards of everything..neither ups and down. visiting from: if you can visit too.

  4. @ Mhie, Yes, you're right Sis! It's our attitude in life that truly counts. I think self discipline is very important. :)

    Will take time to visit u later Sis, Thanks for coming here.

  5. I have known what it is to have more and to be in need. In both situations, I have learned some lessons and still learning more. When I am in need, I have learned to trust more in Him. When I have so many blessings, I learn to be thankful and to be wise with the spending. Most importantly, I realize that we need to learn how to handle blessings because they could be a curse if we let our selfish nature take over.

    To whom much is given, much is also expected. :-)

  6. Well said. And as Aristotle once said, "Happiness depends upon ourselves". As for success, it depends upon ourselves too. We are successful in our own little ways.

    Dropping by to let you know that you've WON The Versatile Blogger award. Come check it out at Geca's Realm

    Cheers to Pinoy bloggers!

  7. @ Aileen, thank you for that substantial input Sis! What you said is indeed very true and I'm glad that you had been through both situations and derived so much learnings from your experience. Well said!

    As usual, thanks for being here. I do apprciate it. See yah around!

  8. @ Geca Franco, Thanks you for comment sis. Oh, I feel overwhelmed that you have chosen this blog to be a recipient of that award. Can't thank u enough. Will check it out later! :)

  9. This is again one inspiring post, Krizz.

    At least di ako nag-iisa. Sometimes I get to think I am too ancient. Kasi I am not into gadgets. While most of my peers and colleagues at work were going gaga over new phone technology, I am very much satisfied with a lowly phone model as long as it serves the purpose. My boss once told me I could very well afford an iphone. Yes, I can but I have other more important things that I should need to prioritize. First things first 'ika nga. I now have learned wise budget spending. Just like you, I am sooo into signature perfumes. But I had to control and remind myself that I can live without perfumes, LOL! I work my a$$ off to earn a living and I simply can't put to waste all that just because I am such a sucker for luxuries in life. There's more ways to be happy than acquiring the material things on earth.

    I admire you for instilling in your kids the right values and attitude towards life. I am sure they would get to grow up better persons because their Mom is one remarkable woman.

    All the Best,


    I may not be here everyday but I always make sure I do swing by whenever I am infront of the PC.

  10. You know, we are on the same boat. Sometimes, my colleagues would tease me na out dated na daw cp ko. I always tell them, I don't have enough funds for a new one eh. Then they would laugh. They would say, I spend thousand of dollars for the family vacation, house make over but I can't buy a new cp. My answer is simple, "that's not a priority." Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Lainz and i'm also happy that I'm not alone in this line of thinking. Hehehe

    I know u have reasons why you are busy now but I know also that u never forget us. :)


  11. Beautiful!! And it doesn't take many words to understand this two statements. Thanks for sharing!

    Kim, USA


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