Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

It is a common concern for every Mommy like me how to get rid of stretch marks. Well, this should be expected as we all wanted to have a clear and smooth skin. I'm also a person who really looks after my skin. In fact, I've been drinking Vitamin E for years now as this was believed to contain a lot of anti oxidants and anti aging benefits, not to mention that it is good for the heart.

To take care of our skin, we must be careful in choosing the products that we apply to our skin, eat the right kinds of foods, moisturize our body internally by drinking lots of water and fruit juices and getting a good amount of sleep. When I had my first born, I also had some stretch marks around my tummy as a result of giving birth. This upsets me for a while as this really looks so awful. I don't know but this maybe a part of my post natal blues. Well, I guess it's normal for all mommies to feel that way as we all wanted to look our best. But since, stretch marks are part of the effects of giving birth, we don't have a choice but to accept it. But the good news is, there are lots of ways to get rid of those unwanted stretch marks and in my case, I was constantly on a look out for the best stretch mark cream available in the market.

There are actually ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and this has something to do with the foods that we eat. Eating a proper diet may not totally eliminate the possibility of getting stretch marks but somehow, it helps. Eating foods rich in vitamins E,C and D may proved to be beneficial in caring for our skin during pregnancy and keeping our skin moisturized at all times especially in our abdominal area would be such a big help. Perhaps, around 70 to 80% of women suffer from stretch marks as a result of pregnancy and although there are few medical methods that were already developed to get rid of unsightly stretch marks, like chemical peel and laser light therapy, I would still personally prefer the natural method of using creams. There are various products being offered in the market today and all promised to reduce, if not totally eliminate those stretch marks. The key to choosing the right product is understanding what the product is made of. Active ingredients present in the creams that we used plays a vital role in providing a positive result, thus, I suggest that we have to carefully examine the products first before using them.

Whatever method you would like to choose in getting rid of your stretch marks, the most important thing is to do a research, get feed backs from other customers and understand your skin.

Having a smooth and clear skin is every woman's goal and we have to do our best to project that aura of confidence by taking care of ourselves inside and out.


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  2. So nice tips Sis! Ako din, been faithful with taking Vitamin E before medyo nastop na nga lang sa kabusyhan sa bakasyon. haha. But then, thanks kasi this served as a reminder for me. Women like us should always take good care of our skin. Muahness sa kikay post na ito.

    Dalaw ka ulit minsan din dito.

  3. This really helped me with my stretch marks


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